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Semper Fi (always faithful)

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Marine Air Station
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first time, as many was not planned nor expected. At the time, I was a very young eighteen-year-old Marine aircraft mechanic stationed at a Marine Corps Air Station in Southern California. Although I had my share of foreplay type experiences in high school I had not yet ôdone the deedö. It was high on my priority list, but the right person, time and place had not yet presented themselves.

I had been putting in long hours at the squadron, and between that and working out and attending college classes at night I was meeting myself coming and going! Little did I know that these long hours would ultimately lead to me not only getting laid for the first time, but to the best and kinkiest sex of my life.

Putting in all those long hours was taking its toll on me. I was not getting enough sleep and I know that I wasnÆt eating right. (eighteen and bullet proof, you understand). Anyway, I woke up one morning feeling like someone had knocked the stuffing out of me. I had zero energy and was not thinking very clearly either. I knew that something was really wrong and that there was no way I could make it to work in my present condition. I called the squadron and reported my condition, then asked a buddy of mine to drive me to sick bay at the station hospital.

It did not take the hospital staff long to determine that I had a severe case of Mono. Which I found very amusing since it is referred to as the kissing disease. I had not even had the time to thinkàà well maybe not think, but at least partake in any activities of that nature. I was subsequently told that I would be in the hospital at least five days due to my very low white blood cell count. With the way I was feeling I could have cared less. All I wanted to do was get into bed and go to sleep! After one of the nursing staff put an IV in my arm I did just that.

I woke up some fourteen hours later feeling somewhat better but still pretty washed out. My energy level was still lacking, but I did have a bit of an appetite. Now you must understand that a military hospital is nothing like a civilian one. There are neither private nor even semi private rooms. There are wards. The one I was in happened to have seven other marines in it. The only privacy that is afforded is a sliding curtain between the beds.
Not that I needed privacy in my current condition, but to give you know an idea how this open ward was arranged.

For the next couple of days I did nothing more than sleep. On the third day I was starting to feel human again. My appetite had returned and I felt like I could walk more than ten feet without feeling exhausted.

That afternoon was when things started getting interesting. The Marine whose bed was directly to my right whose name was Carl, had broken his leg in a training accident. He and I had spoke briefly over the last couple of days and had hit it off pretty good. Like I said, it was the afternoon of the third day when Carl had a visitor. It was his newlywed wife. Her name was Ginny. Now Ginny was not what you would classify as drop dead good looking, but she was beautiful. That wholesome girl- next-door type of look. I guessed her too be about five foot nine inches in height and approximately one hundred and thirty pounds. Shoulder length brunette hair and a very healthy chest! I guessed at least a 36C. But even more than that, she had a very pleasant disposition and a beautiful smile. The type of person that you just feel good to be around. While she did spend the majority of the time talking with Carl, she did direct some questions to me. They were all very innocent and I thought nothing of it. The only other comment she made to me was that she thought that I looked like a young Robert Redford. Now not to sound vain, but that was not the first time that I had heard that statement. I politely thanked her for the compliment without anything further being said. She had been there for about an hour and a half when she stating that she had some shopping and errands that needed to be taken care of that day, she gave Carl a kiss and told him she loved him, turned to me and said that she was glad I was feeling better and would be out of the hospital soon and left.

Carl and I carried on with some small talk for a while then I took a nap. When I awoke Carl started talking right away and mentioned that when he got out of the hospital (it would be several weeks due to the severe damage to his leg) that we would have to get together for some good times. I told him that sounded great and just let me know when.
I guess that we had been talking about a half an hour when he stated that he had a question he wanted to ask me, but was afraid that he may offend me. I told him that I was pretty thick-skinned and to just go ahead and ask.. He got very tongue tied at first, but finally was able to spit out that his wife was very attracted to me and would I consider spending some time with her after I got out of the hospital. At first (due to the shock factor) I could not say anything, but finally asked him if ôspending time with herö meant what I thought it meant. He said that it was and that I would be doing him a big favor if I agreed. I still had to ask him if this was something he was sure he wanted and was he sure that he was OK with it. He stated once again that I would be doing him a big favor because he knew that it would be some time before he would be able to perform his husbandly duties and that with GinnyÆs high sex drive it was not fair to make her wait that long without getting some. Now I am lying there thinking that this is some kind of dream. I have a husband asking me to sleep with his beautiful wifeàànot something that happens very often. I told Carl that providing I got the same response and story from Ginny that I would consider it. It did not take long to receive my conformation. Within two hours she was back at the hospital for a visit. There was some small talk between her and Carl and then stating loud enough for me to hear ôGinny, tell Mark that itÆs what you wantö. I looked in their direction and she mouthed the words ôI want youö. That was more than enough conformation for me. She handed me their telephone number and told me to call her when I was released. All of a sudden, I was feeling much better!!

Less than forty-eight hours later I was released from the hospital. I did once again confirm with Carl that he was in full agreement with the planned activities. He kept on saying that it was not a problem, and he just hoped I could keep up. I asked him what it meant by that, and he simply replied, ôyouÆll seeö. Now not only was I horny, but curious as well. I did not call Ginny that day, I figured that I better get a good nights sleep if I was going to get laid the next day!

It was Saturday. I got up and showered and called Ginny about nine-thirty. She sounded very pleased to hear from me and asked me if I had eaten breakfast. I told her that I had not, so she insisted that I come over immediately and eat because I needed to keep my strength up having just gotten out of the hospital. Who was I to argue with a beautiful woman that was offering to cook breakfast for me! I got directions and was at their apartment within twenty minutes.

She met me at the door with a friendly hug and a big smile wearing a baby blue halter top (a skimpy one at that) and a pair of Daisy Duke shorts that looked like they had been poured on her. I had no problem seeing both sets of her lips if you know what I mean!! Breakfast was served and since it was seldom that I got a home cooked meal I ate for quite a while. During that time she engaged me in some light conversation and really put me at ease with the whole situation. I guess that it was about half way through breakfast when I was startled by another female voice calling GinnyÆs name from one of the bedrooms. I looked at Ginny and she said it was her sister that had been staying with her and Carl for the last couple of months. She had taken the summer semester off to relax and would be going back to Minnesota in September to resume her studies. It was not until she came out to introduce herself that the full impact of CarlÆs statement hit home. There standing before me was a perfect twin of Ginny!! With the same beautiful smile and outgoing personality she said ôHi, IÆm GinnyÆs sister Pennyö Once again I was in shock. Both the girls laughed in unison due to the confused look on my face. Once the shock wore off, Penny sat down and joined us at breakfast. We all at a nice conversation talking about everything from where we grew up to how the Marine Corps had changed our lives. As we were finishing up and clearing the table I offered to do the dishes. Something I have always done when a home cooked meal is prepared for me (Take a lesson guys). I was standing at the sink next to Ginny and casually asked her if Penny knew what was going on. She proceeded to tell me that her and her twin had no secrets and that they shared everything. And I mean everything!! I began thinking that Carl was lucky to have broken his leg, because they may have killed him in another month.

I must tell you that up until now both the girls were acting like complete ladies. No foul language, no suggestive statements and no body contact other than the hug when I arrived. When we completed the dishes the girls excused themselves and disappeared into the back bedroom. I knew that something was up, but I was in uncharted waters so I was just going to let them take the lead and enjoy myself.

I guess it was about ten minutes before I heard one of them (I could not tell them apart) call my name and asking me to join them in the bedroom. I walked back and opened the door and stopped dead in my tracks. Yep, I was in shock again!! Here were Ginny and Penny on the bed engaged in the hottest 69 action that I have seen to date!! Both were moaning and grinding as each sister eagerly licked the other from their engorged clits to their tiny pink assholes. I do not even remember getting a hard-on, it was just there. And it was getting harder by the minute watching this action. Not only was I a novice at sex, but never in my life had I witnessed something like this!! It was great!! I proceeded to walk around the bed so I could see the action from all angles. What amazed me the most was how wet they both were. Both their faces were covered with pussy juice and it was dripping into the sheets. I know that they both came at least three times while I was watching them.

Finally they both separated and headed for the bathroom each giving me a little smile as they walked by. They returned shortly and each grabbed one of my arms and told me to just relax and let them take care of me. I just nodded my head and smiled. They undressed me down to my boxers in just a little under a minute! Then they stopped and had me lay down on the bed. One, (I donÆt know if it was Ginny or Penny) started at my head and the other one started at my feet. They both were licking and kissing and working toward the center. They had not even got near my dick yet and I already felt like I had died and gone to heaven. It was pure ecstasy!! I was however keeping my hands busy on the one closest to me. I had one hand on her tits and a bowling ball grip on her pussy and asshole. I started out by just fingering her, but when I put my thumb in her ass she really went crazy. I later learned that it was Ginny that was working on my top. It was not long before they both met at my boxers, which by this time looked very tent like and were constraining to say the least. They slowly pulled them down and smiled up at me when my dick slapped my stomach. I asked them what was so funny. I think it was Penny that said they were impressed because they neither had sucked a dick that was over six inches before. Now I am not that big, a little over seven inches and I guess a little thicker than average. But needless to say they were impressed. They then started, one on each side licking and sucking my dick. I did not know how long I could hold out. I was trying to concentrate but that feeling of a impending eruption was getting really close!! It was at this time that I believe Ginny started deep throating me while penny pushed my butt off the bed and started rimming me. This was a first!! The sensation of having my asshole licked and probed was just too much. I came with such force and volume that Ginny started to gag a bit, but quickly recovered. I was amazed that she swallowed my whole load. It was so intense I almost passed out. Now donÆt think for a minute that they were going to let me rest!! Before I knew it I had a very juicy pussy in my face and a mouth bringing my dick back to life. The whole day and into the night was just about nonstop sex. And when I needed to recover, they both went at it again. My two beautiful teachers left no stone unturned. Before the weekend was out I had fucked them both repeatedly in their pussies and assholes. They had both blew me and swallowed my cum. I fucked them both doggie style and at the same time stuck a big black dildo up their assholes. I titty fucked them both and came on both their faces. I guess what really surprised me was that two girls this young were not only so good at sex, but had developed such a strong desire for getting it up the ass. That is what they loved the most. They were at their peak when I was licking or fucking there assholes. It was like one did not want to be outdone by the other. Needless to say I was exhausted by the end of the weekend. But I knew if I ended back up in the hospital there was a good reason this time!!
This was just the start of several wonderful weekends together. Penny did go home sorry to say, but I did continue to fuck Ginny even after Carl got out of the hospital. We even had a number of threesomes. Man, did Ginny ever love getting it in the ass and the pussy at the same time. She was one hot little bitch!!
I was transfered several months later, but I will never forget the twin sex machines!!

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