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Secret Weekend

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

The house where I was spending the night belongs to friends of my parents. Since the home has only two bedrooms, I stayed in their daughter’s room who was away at college. My parents and their friends were attending an out of town funeral for someone I did not know or care to witness. I chose to stay at the house and take care of the family pets, study, and kind of chill away the weekend in their awesome hot tub.

Here it was Friday night or early Saturday morning and I think I hear the front door open as I lay in the bed half awakened. It was their daughter who was four years older than I. She had no idea I was in the house. I did not know what to do. I was naked, a little scared, and real embarrassed to be in a frilly girl’s room huddled up in a comforter. Carol made her way upstairs to her room somewhat intoxicated and began to undress from the doorway to the side of the bed, never once turning on the light or looking about the room.

I was paralyzed with surprise, the shame of being naked, and seemingly a voyeur to a woman getting undressed for bed. I did not want to shout for fear of scaring her but I could not let her fully undress not knowing I was in the room. I chose to moan as if I were in a disturbed sleep. She yelped and covered herself, then demanded to know who was in her bed. When I announced myself she relaxed, letting her skirt slide to the floor. We’ve known each other for years but the age difference was always a barrier between us. After telling her why I was there, and she explaining her sudden trip home, she suggested that I take another bed or the couch in the living room. I told her that I was naked and that my clothes were in the bathroom across the hall. She laughed out loud, then said that she was going to bed regardless if I stayed or not, so the choice was up to me. Staying in her bra and panties she proceeded to climb into bed as I scurried myself over to the other side.

I never realized before how pretty she was as the light of the moon peeked through the bedroom window casting a silvery glisten over her long curly hair. I could smell her perfume and feel the warmth of her body as she settled in next to me winking and teasing the whole time. As she wiggled around in the bed, we gradually rolled together spoon style with her back to my front. She felt so soft and warm against me and the hint of perfume was overwhelming. I felt so relaxed and comfortable with her at my side. I could feel myself getting aroused at her slightest touch, but I could not seem to wiggle myself away as my erection began to throb against her thin panties. I knew she could feel me but said not a word.

Our silence was broken when she asked if I had a girl friend. I truthfully responded no. She then asked if I had ever been intimate with a girl before. I lied and said, “oh sure, lots of times.” She giggled, then asked when was the last time I was intimate. I sighed and admitted that I never went all the way before. It was then that she reached between her legs and guided my throbbing member to the crease of her womanhood. She held the tip against her thin cotton panties and slowly arched her hips so that the head slid the full length of her lips. A breath gushed out of me and I gasped to get my composure. Her hand guiding my erect member across her panties was something I had only dreamed about while masturbating.

With her other hand she slid her panties over to one side and with the other hand firmly gripping my member, she began to rub it against her now swollen lips. She quickly became moist as the stroking became more intense. She held it against her and began to hump and my hips quickly joined hers in unison. I was having trouble keeping my breath and began to gasp more regularly when all of a sudden she put it inside her. Without another word, or another breath we were humping each other like two animals in heat. I needed more leverage so I grabbed her shoulder with my right hand and she grabbed my bottom with her right hand as we ground and pumped breathlessly. I knew what climax was all about, but it never felt like this before, I began to shout that I was cumming when she bucked and moaned with her own orgasm. It felt so good to cum inside her that I held her and kissed her neck as the feelings began to subside.

We had a terrific weekend all to ourselves which nobody ever knew about until now.

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