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secret :P

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: outside on a park bench thingy
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

So, i was gagging for it. just to know what it feels like. i was outside and it was getting kinda late. my friend dropped me off to my lover. he was a bit taller than me, with dirty blone hair and nice big arm muscles :). his dick was massive and a nice looking one at that. we kissed and hugged because i hadnt seen him for quite a while. we walked over to a park bench, and we kissed and made out, i felt his hand slide down my jeans into my knickers and he fingered my wet pussy as we kissed. it felt really good, my heart felt heavy in my chest. he lifted my bra up, and played with my small titties. he stood me up on the bench and fingered me and licked and sucked my pussy. i was moaning. it was quite embarrasing because a woman came over with a dog, so i was just thinking omg i cant beleive this is happening. then i came down from the bench and he wanted me to suck his cock, but i didnt want to because i was too nervouse, so i just said no. he didnt really mind. i asked him if he brought acondom and he said no. i was disapointed. but then he pulled one out like it was a surprise and we both smiled. he wanted me to put it on, but again i was really shy and it was awkward for me. so i just said “your putting it on” so he said ok. he said “bend over then” so i pulled down my trousers and bend over eagerly ready for him to fuck me. he pushed his hard cock in and started pounding me from behind, it was very uncomfortable at first, it hurt, i almost wanted him to stop because the pain was travveling up into my belly, i was moaning loudly and i moaned “it hurts” he just said “it will do” and carried on fucking me. neither the less i liked it. i wasnt cold anymore i was pretty hotted up lol. after th epain it felt really nice probably because i cum but i didnt have an orgasm. i was like “uhh that feels nice” and i could here him laugh a little bit. i really liked it so i said “spank me” and he did really hard wich made me maon even more. 3 boys walked past and were laughing, i just laughed aswell because it was actually funnny, but he was just like “ooh mann”. then i heard him say after a bit “babe im gonna cum now im sorry, i cant help it” so when he did i turnt round and pulled my trousers up. he kept on asking me if i was ok and i said yes. i think he felt a bit of sympathy for me for some reason because he was liek “aww come here” and hugged me which felt really loving and nice. 🙂

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