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Second Time Was Better

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Friend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

During high school I was a good girl and always wanted to save myself for the right guy. Truth is, I never met anyone in high school that I wanted to deflower me. However, most of my friends were sexually active and I was getting curious. My best friend is Kelly. We were talking at her house one day and the subject got around to sex. I told Kelly I was thinking about giving up my virginity just to see how it feels. (She was not a virgin.) Her 15 year old brother Ryan was in the next room and had overheard me. Kelly and I had always considered Ryan to be a pesky kid brother and we never paid much attention to him. However, he was growing up to be a really good looking boy. He had a nice muscular body, jet black hair and deep piercing blue eyes. He could easily be a male model. I couldn’t help being attracted to him despite the fact he had always been a pest. Well, Ryan walked into the room while Kelly and I were talking. He was only wearing basketball shorts with no shirt and looked absolutely sexy. He said he couldn’t help overhearing me and if I was really serious he would like to help me. Kelly started laughing and told him to leave. Ryan got angry and told his sister there were a number of girls that could vouch for his ability in bed. Me, I was just staring at his smooth bare chest and fantasizing. He was cute and I began to think it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I told Kelly that hey, at least I’d be keeping it in the family. She said you can’t be serious but I said why not? She said ok so I stood up, took Ryan’s hand and said ok, big boy, show me what you’ve got. Ryan had a shocked look on his face and Kelly started laughing again. We went to Ryan’s bedroom and I closed the door and removed my clothes. My suspicion is that there really wasn’t a number of girls that could vouch for him. He nervously removed his shorts and stood naked in front of me. I must say he was well endowed. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, his bare body looked great to me and I was getting excited. I said I hope you have a condom and his bravado returned and he said of course I do. He got one out of his dresser drawer and rolled it onto his stiff penis. He was a nervous virgin boy who didn’t have the slightest idea what to do next. I wasn’t quite sure myself but I got on his bed and told him to join me. He laid down next to me and I began to stroke his penis. I put his hand on my vagina and told him it was ok to touch me. He put his fingers in me and somehow began rubbing my clitoris. This excited and lubricated me enough that I was ready for him to enter me. Ryan got on top of me but he couldn’t find my entrance. So I put my legs up over his shoulders and he had a clear shot into me. One he got started it did feel good. The only problem is that he came in about 30 seconds. Then he went limp. Poor Ryan. Poor me. I just held him and he began to cry. No more bravado. He was just a cute little 15 year old boy. But he still had a great body and I liked feeling it against me. We decided not to tell Kelly the details of the first time. We talked some more and soon we both got more comfortable. I asked him if he was up to trying it again. This time we explored each other’s bodies first, and concentrated on making each other feel good. Ryan got another condom and this time we took it slow. I enjoyed the rhythm of his thrusting and soon had my first orgasm. Ryan lasted about ten minutes this time and had a great ejaculation the second time around. Now we were both happy and satisfied. Ryan kissed me and quietly told me he lied to Kelly and there weren’t any other girls. I told him his secret was safe with me.

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