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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I was going out with this girl for about 1 month.
One night we went to the movies and my brother took us there.
During the movie we started kissing and she put her hands down
my pants and began to rub my erected cock.
Her Grandmother picked us up in a little car after the
show was out. Me and my girlfriend were sitting in the back
seat when she put her hands down my pants again. I began to
kiss her, then I put my hand down her pants, and began to finger
her. I wanted to have sex so bad, but her grandmother was in
the front seat. Finally I told my girlfriend to suck my dick.
She started to for about 1 minute. Then her grandmother said
I need to run in Wal-Mart for a few minutes. I was so happy,
I told my girlfriend to take her clothes off, but she didn’t know
if she wanted to do this. I talked her into it. She took her
clothes off and sat right on my hard cock. It was the best thing
ever. Much better than Mr. Lefty and my dogs ass. She went up and
down for about five minutes when I knew I getting ready to cum.
I looked out the window and saw her grandmother, so did my girlfriend,
she wanted to stop, but I wouldn’t let her. I finally took my
cock out and told her to swallow so my cum wouldn’t get all over
the place. She said ok. I cummed so much more than I do
when I am jacking off. Her grandmother got to the car as
my girlfriend was wiping her mouth off. My pants were still un
done and I still had a hard cock, so I told her to suck it
again on our way home. She did and I cummed on her again.
The next day I told all my friends and she told all of
hers. We fucked 3 more times before I broke up with her to
go out with a girl who was much hotter.
I had sex with 3 girls that year. And a total of
17 girls I have FUCKED the shit out of. Mostly at partys
I have one of the biggest dicks in my highschool at a
whopping 8 inches.

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