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Screwed up by screwing my friends step sister.

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Hotel
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

A lot of years ago i was on vacation with my friend Johan . We just graduated and we were having fun here and there mostly at the beach . I had just turned 18 and he told me he had a present for me. Even though I bragged about being a stud he knew I never did it. Well we shared a hotel room and he left at 10:00 and I went to sleep. His step sister who was turning 13 that week came in my room in my bed and woke me up. You and I can have sex I locked the door. What about Johan ? He sent me in and is in my room . This is your and my birthday present as she pulled down my pants and gave me a little suck. Well I had jacked off right before bed so I was in no hurry to come. You have screwed a lot of girls, I have heard  you talk . She named all the girls and it was all my lies. Screw me it will be my first. I got the condom I had in my wallet for 4 years and it fell apart as I put it on . Johan’s step sister was in disbelief of how fragile the old condom was. Got any more ? I was never planning to use this one .  She squinted her eyes and stared me down . You a liar and a virgin. I was caught for sure and it was like a cop asking you if you were smoking and a half cigarette was between your fingers. This whisp of a girl leaned over me and growled ” what are we going to do now?” I was ready for her little fist to bash me. She climbed out of the bed turned her back on me and put her hand on her hips and stomped her feet in anger. I looked at her boyish figure no hips yet and almost a flat chest . Her printed heart panty was like that on baby diapers. She turned around and said you better not get me pregnant. We don’t have to do this I told her. Oh yes we do, I have had this planned for a while . I had to blackmail Johan just for tonight. You see there is a party in September ( two months) and I want to hook up with a boy I really like. I want to know what I’m doing with him . He’s a virgin and so sweet. I was like shi_ go to your room and I was shooing her out. She pulled out this 3 inch sharp needle or hat pin and pricked  me . Don’t even think of changing you mind. This little girl could make your life flash before your eyes. I backed on to the bed all 220 pounds of me. She climbed over the foot board and I guess she was 80 to 100 pounds but closer to 80. She put the sharp object on the bed stand . I have more so just forget this one is here. She kissed me but there was no love in the kiss. Rub these they are sensitive. I rubbed her devloping little knots on her chest. Have you had a a .? Period she answered , yes a few but I’m not regular . I am 13 next week  . Just a late bloomer . Is that a problem?  I  guess not. I was saying in my brain to my self . I’ll be fucking a boy with a  pussy. Move out of the way she bossed. She flipped to her back , this won’t be easy I’m pretty solid down here . I can get my finger in just a little and I have masturbating regularly . I moved off my pillow and gave a glance . Her whole body was small her hole in her hymen was no different. This was all new to me. Thanks to health class and biology I could tell you what I was looking at. I didn’t just go for the Hymen , she is in fact a human with feelings. I rubbed her inner thighs and then her mound covered in peach fuzz. I played with her dark pussy lips and they swelled and engorged . Her clitoris swelled and extended some . I pulled back the clitoris hood and rubbed it with a wet finger , she went insane . Her pussy lips now were laying flat and I figure she was ready. My finger wouldn’t go in being much bigger than hers so I pushed her hymen in untill it was tight and then I twisted while pushing and she made her abdomen tight. She had a six pack which is rare for a girl and I kept pushing and twisting. She bit her lip but never let out a single sound . I got serious as I saw she was and I pushed hard . I felt her hymen tear under my finger and I was at my first knuckle . You would think it would be easy from here but it got harder even with the tear. Ever had a real fat rubberband on your finger tight . It was like that. I pulled my finger back and it was like Chinese hand cuffs at first trying to hold my finger. With work on my end my finger was in and out easily. I have good big fingers, so as I was pushing them in I was making a good hole. Johan’s step sister reached down and grabbed Mr Hardon and put him on the spot .
I liked the feeling of rubbing Mr Hard on up and down the canyon of her vulva. The smooth wet soft skin was calling me to play. I have a good taper on my penis head and as pushed I had my head half passed her hymen. I added pressure and it hurt me . I grabbed my shaft because it was flexing in the middle and I didn’t want to fold. She was Pushing back on the headboard with her hands and keeping her legs wide. I let up and I had a pressure ring around my penis head. I pushed in and pushed hard it was like pushing a loop of dental floss. I rolled off holding my self hurt from pushing. She held my shaft stroking gentily while I lay there. I have held my brother he is bigger than you . Just some she said . I know how you guys are about size. The boy I like is 12 so he will be small I’m sure , but that’s is good right. I wish I was 12 my self maybe I would be finished. Let’s stop right here I am sure you are big enough for him. She was angry so fast it scared me , she looked over at the hat pin. No let’s finish this I recanted , thinking something terrible would happen. She pulled my hands open and was over me wiggling down on Mr Hard on . Things got real tight and it was hurting me. She just dropped all her weight . I felt something tear . Good ! That was hard but now your in , she said . The second I was in I came ,her first hip thrust I knew something was wrong because pain was shooting through me. Get off get off I was terrified. I expected you to come she said . Lots of blood was everywhere and I pushed her her off to the floor and Mr hard on was cut and laid open like a vegitable peeler sliced him.  I grabbed my shaft and dialed 911 . I had 5 stitches and I keep a ugly scar. The law stepped in after this ordeal and even though no one pressed charges the state arrested me.  I’m sure it was mostly because of our age differences. I served only 9 months in county. She felt so bad she wrote me letters and visited me every week until the court put a restraining order on me. She then wrote me under a different name. We are still friends today even though Johan has moved away. It was five years after our first time and when she was 17  she said she wanted to make It up to me . I was sort of black listed in my community so I hadn’t had any dates . Every one knows the laws now for being a sex offender. I did try and people called me pervert. Well she came to my house and she was real nice to Mr hard on and he was very happy and we filled a few condoms. We were never to be and so it goes. I will be registered forever. Please young boys , don’t put Mr Hard on in to anything under 18 years old or [you will fuck your self].

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