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Sarah – Girl on Girl

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I was home one day, my parents had just left for 2 weeks on holiday. My mum left my cousin (Sarah, 17) in charge while they were gone. Me and Sarah were really close friends and had been since I was about 12; we shared everything with one another.

The first day my parents left me and Sarah decided to get a bunch of horror movies out from the video store to watch that night. We left about 5:30 before it started pouring down with rain. We got home at about 6:30 and there was still a storm when we arrived.

As soon as we got home, we got some blankets and pillows and got ready on the lounge. I got under one of the blankets as Sarah went to put the movie on; she was wearing a tank top with no bra, and a mini-skirt. I admit, she was very hot. As she lent down to put the movie into the DVD player, I could see straight up her skirt and she was wearing really nice white panties that were somewhat see through.

I don’t know why, but I was really turned on by that sight; as she came to sit down, I said “Nice panties.”
She smiled and said “Thanks.”

She came over and cuddled up next to me as the movie was playing. I was getting really turned on as her nice breasts were rubbing up against me, and it was making my panties wet. She must have picked up on this, because she started rubbing my breasts. My nipples became hard straight away and that damp spot was becoming wetter.

She then started kissing the back of my neck while still rubbing my breasts. It felt AMAZING, when she asked if I wanted to go further; I hastily replied with a big yes. She took the blanket off the both of us and she started to kiss my lips. We both took our shirts off, and she took my bra off. Sarah had very nice tits, with nice nipples. We kissed for what seemed like hours while rubbing each others boobs.

She took my skirt off, and I took hers off too – we both had very wet panties by this point. She took off my panties and put them up to her face and started licking them, this was turning me on a lot; and with a smile on her face, she came down and started eating me out. She did that while rubbing my clit for awhile. This was the first time I had ever had an orgasm. The sensation was amazing. Now it was her turn; I was sure she was a virgin, but had masturbated before.

I took her panties off and started to smell them; they smelt really nice. I dropped the panties and made my way down to her pussy which was very wet, and I started licking her and then I pushed my tongue deep in her pussy – the taste was amazing. I then took my tongue out and started fingering and licking her. She started to cum and I could see she was enjoying what I was doing, so I kept doing it until she was done.

We did this 3 more times that day, and did it every day for the 2 weeks, sometimes doing it as many as 6 times a day. We introduced toys into the mix when I was still 15. I am now 28, and bi, but prefer women to men any day. Me and my cousin still do it every chance we can, and seeing as we live down the street from one another, we do it almost every day.

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