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Age when it happend: 23
Where it happened: apartment bedroom
Langauge: Eng
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

This occured just by chance with a live in girlfriend before I married. It is a first time for me at this position I and my girlfriend ended up doing this one night and I bet some readers might be interested in trying it out.

My girlfriend at the time was from Taiwan and was a beautiful Chinese girl. We had a great sex life with each other. On this one night, she was lying in our bed on her right side bent forward with her head on her hand watching the TV in our bedroom. I came to bed and smuggled up behind her also on my right side with getting some pussy on my mind. She really wasn’t in the mood and continued watching the TV. I kept up feeling her up from behind just getting more and more aroused. I was feeling up her ass and her legs and letting my erect penis poke her from behind. I took off my briefs and started pushing my penis between her thighs.

She raised her left leg and my penis ended up between them. She lowered her leg with my penis there just an inch or two below her pussy. It felt fantastic. This is probably the softest flesh on a woman’s body and my penis was right in between it feeling it. It felt fantastic! I asked her if she’d put some lotion there and she said “sure”. She got a bottle of lotion and rubbed it there and on my penis. She then closed her thighs again on my penis.

I went to humping her there. It felt so good. My hand roamed her ass and thighs as I did this. After several minutes, I began to feel the familiar tingles of a pending orgasm. I increased my thrusting her there. Another minute, I knew I was about to get my rocks off. I told her “Oh baby. I’m cumming. Oh, I’m going to cum” and I grabbed her hips tightly as it hit. I let out some loud sounds of pleasure like I always do as I went off. It felt fantastic.

When I got my breath back, she raised her left leg freeing my penis. She got up to go wash off the lotion. When she got back, she looked down at her side of the bed where she was expecting to lay and saw the sheet was covered with these cold, wet globs of my cum. It had shot out and ended up all over her side of the bed right where she sleeps. I told her I was sorry. She then went and got a clean towel and laid it over the cum covered sheet and then laid down.

Lesson learned was the next time we had sex like this, which I now call a “leg fuck”, she put a towel there first to catch the cum. Then, when she got up afterwards, she’d remove the cum covered towel and take it to the dirty clothes.

Now, years later and with my wife, we’ll do this sometimes. And my wife didn’t have to learn the hard way about putting the towel there first. I told her. I sure hope everybody loves this as much as I do.

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