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Sammy the Pool Man

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: by a swimming pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

Last summer I had a job, just through vacation, with my uncle’s swimming pool business.
Before we started my uncle told me that maybe I had ideas of seeing hot bimbos in bikinis sunning themselves and making passes at me, but to forget it. In the first place there will be no bimbos in bikinis, he said, and in the second place if there were they wouldn’t be interested in me, and in the third place if they should be interested I should pay no attention so as not to get his company in trouble.
He showed me all the details of testing the water with those different chemicals and all that, and the first month he went around with me to all his customers, and he was right, there were no hot bimbos, just mostly middle aged or older people.
Then the second month I went out on my own and the third day I came to the Johnsons house. I knew they were on vacation but I had a key to the gate to their back yard so I went in, and for heaven sakes, there was a girl in a bikini stretched out on a lounge, and she had her bikini bottom pulled aside and was fingering herself in her vagina.
She gave a kind of gasp shen she saw me, and I put my hand up over my face and said, “Pardon me sir, I’m having trouble with my eyes. Can you tell me if this is the Johnson house?”
She said, “Yes it is,” and I said, “Oh, you’re a young woman. Pardon me for my mistake. And could you lead me to the pool so I can test it.”
She came and took my hand and then she giggled and said, “You’re not really near sighted are you?”
I admitted that I wasn’t, and that I’d just said that to spare her embarrassment.
She thanked me for that, and then I went on to say, “Actually, there is no reason to feel embarrassed over what you were doing. That is a perfectly natural act and one that young people have been doing for millions of years. I do it myself, all the time.”
She said, “You do?” and I said, “Sure.” Then, feeling bold because she was looking relaxed and friendly, I said, “In fact, I would be glad to help you with what you were doing, except I can’t because it is against the pool cleaners code of honor. The code says a pool cleaner should never help any young woman masturbate who is younger than sixteen.”
She said, “Well,I am older than sixteen.” I said, “Oh, then I could help you — but of course, only if you would like me to.”
She said, “And just how could you help me?” I said, “By supplying another pair of hands, with slightly longer fingers. And also I could do other things with other parts of my anatomy that you are not able to do.”
She giggled and said, “Okay, come on, show me.”
She lay back down on the lounge, and I knelt down and took the bikini bottom clear off, with her making no objection. Then I reached in to her pussy and began fingering her with my middle finger. I had done some of this with my girl friend at school so I knew about the clitoris, although she had never let me actually fuck her.
This girl — oh, her name was Clarice as I learned later — just went “oooh, ooh, ooh” as I was fingering her and then she had an orgasm right in my hand. She said “Oh, that was great. Now what else can you do?”
So I took off her bikini top and began fondling and licking and sucking her breasts, which were not huge but nice and round, with nipples that got hard with my sucking. She was moaning softly, then I went down on her pussy and began licking it and she really got excited. She said “Oh lord, I’ve never had this before. Oh this is wonderful.”
Well,after another orgasm on my face she said, “And can’t I do anything like this for you?”
I said “You sure can,” and unzipped my fly and opened my shorts, and took out my prick, which was hard as a leg bone.
she said, “Ooh, a big one,” and began stroking it. I put it up to her face and she began sucking it and said, “Oh, it tastes nice.”
I said, “Let’s do this thing right,” and pulled my pants and shorts clear off and got over her for a 69. We almost tipped the lounge over but then we got settled down to my eating and her sucking, and I came in her mouth and she came again in my face, and I licked up all her juice while she swallowed all of mine.
Then I got up and she said, “Is that all there is?” I said “Not if you would like to go farther.”
She said, “Yes, yes, let’s go all the way.”
So I had her lick and fondle my prick again until it got hard, then pushed her legs apart and slid my prick into her wet, juicy pussy.
She was nice and tight but I got it in with just a little pushing, then got it in a little more, then came to her cherry. I said “Oh my god, you’re a virgin.” She said, “Not any more, baby, not any more. Come on, break that sucker” So I pushed hard, it broke, she said “Oh WOW, that hurt but it hurt good.”
I went all the way in, then began the in-and-out with her going “Yes, oh yes, oh yes” and I was just about to come inside her when I had a warning thought and I pulled out and came on her stomach.
She said, “Why’d you do that?” and I said “Because I don’t want to make you pregnant.” She said, “Oh yes, I guess that was thoughtful. Thank you.”
Then we lay there holding each oher, kissing and fondling, and I asked her her name, which she told me, and I told her my name, Sammy. I asked her how come she was there at the pool when the Johnsons were on vacation. She said she lived next door and she had climbed over the fence.
I would have loved to stay there all afternoon but I had other pools I had to clean (I just gave a lick and a promise to the Johnson’s pool) so I got dressed and kissed her goodbye. She said, “Will I ever see you again?” I said I hoped so. Then she asked what school I went to and I told her “Garfield High,” and she said “Hey that’s my school too. Maybe I’ll see you there.”
And yes, I did see her there. She is now my steady girl, and we’ve done a lot more of what we did by the Johnson’s pool.
And so my uncle was wrong, or was he?

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