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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Uncle's Farm
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My first time and first summer of sexual intercourse experiences I think ruined me for the rest of my life. I got sent to work for my uncle on his farm for a summer when I was 17. I was still a virgin but not too happy about it. I had been going out with the same girl at my high school for two years but she wouldn’t go all the way.
I don’t think my parents had the full picture of my uncle or they wouldn’t have sent me there. He was kind of a rude, rough guy. Tattoos, motorcycles, beer, and scraggly looking friends. My aunt seemed weak and my uncle treated her like a slave. They had three daughters, my cousins, the oldest Monica aged 9, Jessica who was 8, and the youngest Danielle who was 6. They were kind of wild rambunctious kids. I didn’t know any of them well; they lived in a different state and I hadn’t had much contact with them.
A couple of days into the summer I knew I was surrounded by something strange going on. They liked to put on music, party, drink beer, and smoke pot, and the younger girls hung around at least to watch if not get a little sip or something. I didn’t really know how to dance but my little cousins loved to pull me up and make me dance with them in front of my uncle and aunt who just egged them on. Then it would turn into a wrestling match with all three of them against me. I was uncomfortable with how they acted, grabbing at me in awkward places and sitting on my head wearing only a dress so that their panties were pressed against my face and stuff. It was awkward and weird.
Then one night my uncle had a couple of biker friends over and suddenly my uncle, aunt and these two guys disappeared into the bedroom. Even over the music you could hear noises that sent the hair up on the back of my neck. I sounded like they were having sex! You could hear my aunt and the guys moaning very loudly. The girls didn’t seem to think anything of it. I stupidly asked Monica if it ever happened before and she told me “Yeah my dad likes to watch other guys do it with my mom.”
After an hour or so my uncle, aunt, and the two guys came out of the bedroom looking way disheveled. I tried to avoid staring. The guys left and my aunt cooked a couple of frozen pizzas. Right after eating Danielle suddenly announced that she wanted to see my penis! Right there in front of everyone she just said it, and my uncle just laughed and said, “Go ahead and show it to her.”
I declined but before I knew what was happening all three girls were pulling at my clothes and got my pants down. I guess I could have stopped them but I was kind of in shock or something. Then they were all cooing and touching me and stuff right in front of my uncle and aunt and it gave me an erection and I was so embarrassed I literally ran from the room but not before hearing Monica say something like “Oh that’s so cute it’s kind of little…”
Wow was that weird. But the weirdest part was yet to come. My uncle came into my room and told me he wanted me to help him out because he knew he could get some money for some pictures of me naked with my cousins! He promised the pictures wouldn’t show my face so no one would know who I was.
Yeah of course I should have said no and run for it but for some reason I felt powerless to tell him no and the next thing I knew we were in the basement and my uncle was directing us to do stuff while he and my aunt took pictures. He told me to touch them certain ways; nasty ways, and had them do the same things to me. It didn’t stop at all four of us just being naked together of course. The girls jacked me off and then they cleaned it up and then my uncle made us play around some more and then before I knew what was happening Jessica was on top of me pushing herself down onto me and that was it I wasn’t a virgin anymore courtesy of an 8 year old.
Within a week my uncle had taken pictures of me having sexual intercourse and every other imaginable sex act with all three of my cousins even 6 year old Danielle. It was obvious they had done it all before. This went on all summer and I’m sorry I couldn’t help but learn to like it.
But things didn’t work out so well after that. I left there very confused and it wasn’t long before I broke up with my girlfriend. I went into my senior year of high school in a big funk. Then the worst thing happened at Christmas my uncle, aunt, and cousins came to visit for a week. Jessica snuck into my room by herself and I had sex with her but we heard noises in the hallway so Jessica tried to hurry back to her room but my mom caught her coming out of mine with her panties in her hand and my semen running down her legs.
My parents were unable to learn the whole truth but I think they picked on Danielle and learned some of what went on. It was a big disaster for everyone. My parents sent my uncle and aunt and cousins home immediately and I felt so hated I left home immediately after graduated from high school.
I am in my late forties now and I have never ever seen my uncle and aunt or cousins since that day and I don’t think my parents have either. I don’t even know if any of them are alive. I do know that I have struggle with my sexual identity all my life. I have never done anything similar since then and don’t ever intend to, but I struggle very hard with a porn addiction and have to struggle to suppress unwanted feelings every time I see a little girl that looks anything like my cousins did. I doubt if I’ll ever have a satisfying sex life.
I hope this can be a lesson to someone thinking about doing anything deviant. Even if it doesn’t hurt anyone else it will probably hurt you in ways you can’t imagine. And if you are just getting ready to start your sex life do it with someone older than you instead of the other way around…

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