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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Her house.
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was good friends with the girl that lived across the street from me since we were little. When we were younger, we had kissed and fondled each other, but never really did anything. Apparently she had other thoughts on one Saturday. We were going to go to a movie , it was about noon. So like usual I just show up at her house. She didnt answer the door so I walked in. I called her but she didnt answer. I thought nobody was home. I went upstairs to her room and heard the shower running.The door to the bathroom was closed so I waited in her room to suprise her, maybe get lucky and see her naked or at least partially naked. Couple minutes later the shower turns off and she comes strolling in in a towel. She was covered up, but you could still see high on her thighs. When she walked in, she jumped because she didn’t expect me to be there.Looking at her in a towel I was gettin hard. ( I always fantasized about her.) She got a pair of panties from her drawer and bent over to put them on while she was facing me. So as I couldnt see her bottum half. She didnt seem embarassed. But she wasn’t offering up any shows either. As she was bent down, I guess she noticed my erection that i was trying to hide. She said, “What are you trying to hide there?”. Being embarassed I said nothing. She knew. She started making comments about my erection. I started turning red. Then she asked if that was because of her. I didn’t answer again. She asked me if I wanted to see more. All I could do was shake my head. Then she dropped her towel. Standing in front of me naked except for her panties. I could easily see the outline of hair thru her white cotton panties. She sat down next to me and moved my hands that were coving my erection. She said something like “If you get to see me in my underware, I want to see you in yours.” She grabbed my hand, pulled me off the bed were I was sitting and knelt down in front of me. She unbuckled my belt and undid my jeans, grabbed them at my waist and pulled down. She intentionally grabbed underware with them and they went down with my jeans. I tried to cover up like a dumb kid but she grabbed my cock and started rubbing me. Then she took me into her mouth and started sucking my cock. I only lasted a minute or so when I came half in her mouth and half out. Alot was on chin and cheek, she stood up and wiped it away. She kissed me and I could taste my cum in her mouth. She pushed me back on her bed and dropped her panties. She pulled my jeans off my ankles along with my sneakers. She got on top of me and we kissed some more. She crawled up and straddled my face sitting on me. She said “Eat me”. I buried my face in her, I had no idea what I was doing, so i licked and shoved my tongue into her. She moaned alot. After a bit, she moved around and took my dick in her mouth again. I was semi-erect, but she fixed that quickly. Then she straddled my cock and I lost my virginity. I came inside her and it was fabulous. We got dressed just in time , her mom came home and we said we were going to the movies, she took me instead down to the park and went into the woods. My first time was great, she obviously had experience and she taught me alot that day.

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