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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: my bedroom
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I had been fooling around with my best friend at the time which happened to be a guy. We had been friends for about a year and were both single.
He was and still is such a nice guy and will always have (as dumb as it seems) a close relationship, only without the sex now. Even then we thought we were like brother and sister which came to us from people saying that we look and act so similar.
We were weird kids, and just had each other. I knew that he was interested in me from the beginning because after one of the first times we hung out, he asked me out. I said yes and later said no because honestly I was kinda afraid because I was just 14 and he 16. At the time that seemed to be a tremendous age difference and I was so cautious that he would be taking advantage of me. So later that night I actually had my mom call him and tell him I couldn’t date him.
We still hung out every single day and talked on the phone when we weren’t together…a typical high school tale.
So over that year, the sexual tension slowly began to build.
I wanted it bad too, haha.
I’m sure everyone has this idea that it would just be the greatest thing you’ve ever done and magical and romantic.
We did love each other in a way. Maybe at the time we felt like we really did ‘love’ one another.
We had probably a good two months of dry humping which we code named “juggling”…why, I don’t know. Condoms were also called “c-words”. I guess because we were young and just weren’t comfortable with bluntness. Its cute to think back on though.
Now, he had already had sex before multiple times with his past girlfriend, but I never had. He told me about what all happened with her and some of the things were amazing to me because he’d talked about how careless they were.
Well, here’s where it starts…
We were laying in the floor of my room one night watching Forest Gump on my small tv. Maybe 3-4ths of the way through it, we began fooling around and had pulled the comforter off my bed and were under it. My mother was in the den and sister in her own room, so we were trying to be so quiet.
There was an open door rule in my house when we were in there, but I closed it that night for the brief period when I started pulling his pants off. I did the pants still on one leg move and straddled him. Both so nervous and we slid it in together. Now, currently I’ve only been with three guys including him and he was the biggest I’d had to date. It hurt, but felt good in a way. He couldn’t take it though and told me to stop and wait, but then he looked at me….and to this day I still don’t understand. He said he didn’t know if he just came or not. I thought I felt something, but wasn’t sure either, so I got off of him, put my jeans back on and went to the bathroom. The only thing I could think to do was to wrap toilet paper around my finger and scoop anything out.
We regrouped in my room and then went for a drive and had such an awkward talk about morning after pills. But then we didn’t get any and just lived the next few weeks scared shitless. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative and we swore we’d never do that again.
Naturally, that didn’t last long and we started fucking regularly…those times with condoms…or should I say “c-words”?
Now he lives with his current girlfriend in the next state and we still talk and see each other when he visits. I’m not seriously dating, but I’ve got a guy that has pretty much taken the place of him by being my new best friend and partner.
I wonder still if he and I will ever have one more passionate fling ever again. Who knows.

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