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You got it exactly right – enough of cattle – spoiled goods –
sins from hell – I can’t believe you’re only 21 – pretty smart
– I lost my virginity at 18 – and even for a male I thought it
was a wicked evil thing that I needed to do to compete with my
male buddy’s – she was kind of a park slut – or so I thought –
come to be it wasn’t true – but I fought with myself for years
about it – I allways concidered ministers as quacks – as they
typically put out BS – but it seems as if you or your mate has
found a wise – wisdom sharing – good teacher with an ability to
actually give advice that is meaningful, helpfull, and to the
point – we all make mistakes like you say – and things around
sex are very easy to misunderstand, we all are creatures first
with needs, wants, and desires, it’s kind off funny we try to
put ourselves in somekind of metaphysical separation from our
bodies – may each person that has a first try to make it meaningful
but if things go less than perfect – think about it – try to
do better next time in getting to know the person or situation ,
one other thing – I know I’ve been hurt quite allot – I was thinking
about it just the other day – I’m afraid to love – does anyone
realize how lonely that is – loving oneself has to include loving
others – my first time was in a car – kind of clumsy – with just
a little more thought it could have been eslewhere and great.

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