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Renee S.

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: His apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

So I worked at this Burger King and the manager was a nice guy. He wasn’t cute, but nice. So his wife left him and he was always inviting people over after work to hang out and this one time in the summer I went over on a Monday (his day off) just to hang out and he was alone. He was cool so when he invited me in he says someone will come along so we won’t be alone for long. It made me feel pretty safe. So he gets a bottle of port out and pours me a big glass and I’m like I’m too young and he says no problem, he can put it away but to try it first. It was sweet and smooth and the next thing I know it was gone and he poured me some more. It was about noon when he got the second bottle going and by one I was toasted. I didn’t say anything when he got my sneakers and sox off and then when he started rubbing my feet I was like Wow! because it felt so good. He asked me if I had to be home at a certain time and I said no because my parents were gone at my aunts so I was alone for the next couple of days. After a bit he kissed me and it was so wonderful and then he stood up and took his shirt off and then we kissed more. Then he says since he has his shirt off I have to take mine off so I did and then he was kissing me and took my bra off. I was like hey this is too much and he just kind of laughed and says okay and kissed me more. Then he stood me up and I was woozy and couldn’t do anything when he just swooped my shorts and panties off in one move. Then he took me to the bedroom and laid me down and I was just staring when he took his shorts off and then got onto the bed with me. He told me we were just going to make out and to relax and I trusted him and he laid on top of me and was kissing me. I aksed what it was like to make love and he says “Here” and kissed me on my neck and then the next thing I know I’m feeling him inside me. It didn’t hurt and there wasn’t any blood but it was just so strange to feel him in me and I realized we were doing it. I didn’t know what was going on when he came in me and we did it all that night. When I woke up in the morning he was already up and wearing a robe and when he heard me up he came in with some orange juice and told me what a great night it had been. I started to cry because this wasn’t how I wanted my first time and then one thing led to another and he was making love to me again. He let me take a shower and then I went home. Of course, I got pregnant.

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