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Reluctant Young Neighbor Part 4

Age when it happend: 31-34
Where it happened: Numerous places
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

In an earlier post I had mentioned that on one of the first times I had seen Jill naked she had a tampon string hanging between her legs. I said that because I wanted everyone to know that at the young age of 10 she already had her period. I was soon to find out how little she knew about her sexuality? Finally the next time she came to visit she had finally convinced herself she wanted to see my cock. She walked in the door walked over to the computer table and started to strip off all her clothes, she smiled and said ok your turn. Remember this girl was 12 years old, but had not had much experience with guys of any age. No brothers, only one older sister, and she had never met her father. She was wearing just a tank top, shorts, and panties. I just thought to myself how lucky can a guy get? I asked her if she was sure and she said yup so I too got myself undressed, walked over and locked the house door. I was already hard, and I asked her if she wanted to see me masterbate? She said whats that? I told her, and I told her girls can do it too. Remember there she sat with a dynamite naked little body, nearly perfect and she was asking me about masterbation! I said ok first let me show you how guys do it. I started to jerk off slowly at first and then faster. I stopped to ask her if she wanted to help me and she again reluctantly said no no I better not touch it. I started going again and I asked her if she wanted to see my semen come out, yes she said, and i said do you want to touch it, and she said maybe? I told her to hold her hand out and I pointed my cock at her palm and I blew a big load into her hand! I was surprised to see she just held it in her hand looking at it, and she finally said its nice and warm. I asked her if she ever played with herself and she blushed and said no way, and I said why not she didn’t know why she just didn’t. I grabbed her other hand and led her naked self over to the kitchen sink and washed her hand and my cum down the drain. I said Jill look at your pussy, she spread her legs and it was red and getting wet, and I said do you know why and she said no I don’t know why but sometimes it gets that way. I said it is getting ready for a guy to stick his cock into it? She smiled and said she knew that, and she wanted to try it sometime but was scared to do it. I said Jill can I touch you down there, she thought and said maybe next time ok? Can I play with your titties, I said? Just let me touch them Jill? She said maybe next time, let me think about it ok? She said mom has to work a double shift on Friday, do you want me to ask her if I can stay with you Friday night? I couldn’t say yes fast enough! I told her maybe we can go out to eat and just come home and watch a movie? She agreed. I said Jill spread your legs once more for me. She did, and I pointed to her erect little clit, and I said do you know what that is? She blushed some, and I said did you ever touch it? And she said no not really, but it feels good when I do. I asked her to touch it with her finger and again she said I can’t, not in front of you! I said before you get dressed and go home do you want to touch my cock? She said yah, but she better not, and I said just try it Jill, just pump it alittle bit? It was starting to get hard again and she knew it. She said maybe I will next time, ok? It was rock hard again, and she said make your sperm come out again, I jerked off like a wild man and she again wanted to catch it all in her hand. She had to get home and she got dressed in front of me just like I was her husband, and ran across the yard to her house! PLEASE POST, THE FINAL PART 5 IS NEXT

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