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Reluctant Young Neighbor

Age when it happend: 46-49
Where it happened: My House
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

This story begins almost 3 years ago. When Jill and her mother moved into the house next door. We live on a small, very lightly traveled, dirt road, in rural Indiana. Both of our houses sit on the same side of the road, just a large yard and a few trees separate the two. Jill was just 8 years old when we met, and I in fact believed she was a he for probably the first 6 months. I was soon to find out that she was no he, and she would leave no doubt about her sex. She always wore her hair short, dressed in jeans, sweats, tshirts. So my early evaulation of her were understandable. They moved in in late November and it was like the following spring when I discovered she was a girl. It one of the first warm May days when I saw her in the yard in her bikini. Nothing special, she was just 9 years old, and she hardly filled out a bikini at 9 years old. She was tall for her age, lite brown/blonde hair blue eyed young lady. I would guess her to have been nearly 5 foot then and 85 pounds? Flat chested and mostly a boyish figure then. Now she is 5’5″ and 105 pounds, and I have asked her for these numbers and I have even measured her for her 30-24-28 measurements of her figure. She wears a 30b bra. She still wears her rather curly hair up or pulled back into a ponytail. Certainly not a beauty queen candiate, but cute and she now is never mistaken for a boy. Back to the summer she was 9, she worked on her tan often, and I would watch her via binoculars occasionally to she if she would sun bath nude or partially nude. Sometimes shes would open her top to let the sun onto her now budding little boobs. It was late in September weekend when she saw me come down the driveway and she ran over to greet me that I first saw her boobs in person. She had forgotten to reattach her top and it was just blowing in the wind as she ran over and covered just her left boob, leaving me a clear view of her little right boob. Finally she noticed and said oops and fixed it after I had stared at it for seemed like 5 minutes. Well as the weather turned colder and the snow started to fly she would visit me less often, but still on a pretty regular basis. She turned 10 in January and she, me and her mother celebrated at Applebys, when I took them out for her birthday dinner. GTG will post the rest later!

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