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Reluctant Babysitter

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My parents went out for the weekend and they left me with a babysitter. (I’m gona call her suzy…) Anyways, Suzy was given strict orders to put me to bed at 10:00, and my parents would be home two days later. Suzy and I watched TV until about 9:45 before she told me to get ready for bed. I shook my head and told I didn’t want to sleep yet, but she was getting paid good money for this job. Only a senior, Suzy needed the hard cash and so had to do her job. I told her that my parents wouldn’t find out that I was sleeping so late, and after lots of consideration, she agreed it’d be ok. WE continued watching tv and I leaned closer to her. Finally I decided to have some fun. I began to tickle her and she giggled, moving away slowly at the same time. I followed and tickled her again. SHe laughed and got up, running away from me as I chased her around the house. Finally, we reached my parents room, and I cornered her. I tickled her till her stomach hurt. I stopped, but 5 minutes later, we were up and running again. ANyways, this went on for a while and we were having tons of fun. Finally, as I tried to tickle her one last time, I missed and accidentally grabbed her tit. She ignored it, but I felt the roundness of it and wanted to feel it agen. So i chased her, cornered her and missed, this time purposely and grabed her tit. She was too tired to run anymore and so I contiued to miss. she was breathless, with nothing to say. So i continued when finally she cought her breath and asked what i was doing. I told her that she was beautiful and I wanted her. She told me it wasn’t right, but i didn’t care. I grabbed her tits and started to massage them. She started moaning, but said once again it was right. I didn’t listen. I put my hand and started to massage her pussy. I told her i wouldn’t tell anyone , and that it’d be our little secret. I just wanted to have some fun and was a horny little bastard. I moved closer to her and kissed her cheek. She didn’t say anything so i gave her a full kiss on the lips. She kissed me back! WE started to french, and our tougnes played wildly as we started rolling on the groud. Finally, I was on top of her and I lifted up her shirt and was greeted by her bra-less tits. i sucked them like a baby and she moaned with delight. She started to rub herself and screamed louder. I couldn’t stand it, so i took off all my clothes and proceeded to take off all of hers. We climbed onto my parents’ bed and got into the 69 position. She was ontop of me and blowing me like crazy. I just kept on sucking on her pussy, the aroma filling my nostrills. At the same time, i was fingering her ass. I cumed first, but continued to suck her off until she screamed. We swiched positions and I lay ontop of her, while she guided my cock into her. She breathed deeply before screaming “ow ow! do it slowly. ouch!! it hurts!” I did as she said, entering slowly before moving faster and faster. In and out. In and out. her legs and arms wrapped around me as we shagged. We came at the same time and this process was repeated all night through. It was great!

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