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really young for me

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

It happend about a week ago from today. I live in a semi-rich neighbohood, and there is a lot of kids on our block. Most range from my age(16) to the youngest which is 5. I had lived in this neighborhood all my life so i knew everybody. My neighbors, the Stevenson’s, had 4 kids Tiffany, which was my age and looking pretty hot, Adam(14), Britney(12), and Taylor(8,i think). Anyway i was always kind of over there skateboarding with Adam, and me and his sister Tiffany talked alot but she had a boyfriend, so there was no way i had a chance with her until she broke up with him. Anyway, i often babysat for them taking care of Taylor. Well, they needed me to babysit again only this time it was just going to be me a Britney. Now Britney was hot for her age. Her breasts were just begging to set in and she was rather mature. Well, the whole family was going shopping for Britney’s birthday presents, because obviously the next day was her birthday. So they said they would be gone till about 9 or 10pm. Well it was only 5, so i had alot of time on my hands. they left and it was just me a Britney. she was on the phone with her bestfriend, and i was watching t.v. she was wearing her around the house daisy duke shorts that just reveal the slope which forms the ass, and one of those little baby tees that showed her stomache(were talking her whole stomache, the shirt stopped just below her tits. Her parents didn’t mind that she walked around like this when i was around, because i was almost family. I watched her alot as she walked around like this. Man it got me up to see her like this. So i was going to make a trip to the bathroom to take care of buisness if you know what i mean, so i wouldn’t think about her like this anymore. Well i was going to wait untill the coast was clear so she didn’t notice anything, but the next thing that happend is that she sat on the couch next to me. She wasn’t on the phone anymore, and she had her legs crossed when she sat down next to me. Well we started talking about whatever came up. She brought up my ex-girlfriend and asked me what went wrong. I told her it just didn’t work out and we were done with. She told me that she really liked this guy and she wanted to know what she should do. At first i just cracked some jokes because she was a little young for a boyfriend i thought. But she began to get mad so i asked who he was and she wouldn’t tell me. She said he was a couple years older and knewe her family really well. After she said that she giggled a little. I started to think and put the peices together and i relized she was talking about me. All of a sudden what i thought was this really nice a sweat 12 year old, really wasn’t she was this young attractive chick. i asked her if it was me and she said maybe. she if it was you how would you react. I still don’t know what i was thinking but i told her i would react like this and then kissed her. Pretty soon i had my hand on her ass and was sticking my tounge down her throat.I laid her down on the couch and was rubbing her all up. I was a stiff as a toedum pole. I took off her little shirt to expose her tiny breasts. After i kissed her i then licked asd kissed her neck, moving slowly down to her breasts, where i licked and sucked her young but very hard nipples. I then took off my shirt and my pants. while doing so she took off her shorts and panties. i climbed on top of her and began kissing her all over, she was trembling as was i. i went down to her young tight pussy where i began eating her out. Around her pussy tiny pubic hair was beginging to sprout. I licked and licked and licked, spreading her lips a little more each stroak of my tounge. Then i couldn’t take it any more, i threw my boxers of and began pounding her pussy. At first when i was getting ready to stick it in i didn’t know how it was going to fit, but i went in with no fear and just rammed it in. Pretty soon i was cumming in her tiny hole of love. She moaning and i was moaning. After about 20min. we were done(i know that is not very long but give me a break). After i was done we laid together naked and just talked. Another 10min. went by and then we did it agian. That was my first time.

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