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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: my house
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

umm.. well ok ill tell, my first time was at my house with my boyfriend.I know some of u are saying im to young but im saying this any ways, we both r. Here it goes. I was down at the park and my bf of 2 years is there also. We kiss for like 5 mins as the usual. Then he wants to go home and talk about whatever was fun to talk about at the time. We go to my house its about 11:00am (my parents at work till 5) we go to my room and talk fer like 10 mins back and forth “what u want to do”. I end up telling him its his choice he sat on the bed. We ended up cuddling and kissing. and then it just sorta happend he started touching me he started to rub well u know were. Then he put his finger inside me. I started to make noises and he looked at me i was blushing. i got so embaresed. and he could tell. He told me its ok if i made noises and said he thought it was cute. so i calm down a bit. and he starts up again this time using his tuonge also. i started to get realy loud and was woried some one would hear me but there was no one home at this time.after 3 er so mins he looked at me and asked if i liked it. i replyd yes it was amazing. and he smiled realy big and started to blush. He asked me if i wanted to go any further. I wanted to say yes so bad but i was worried. but i said yes. it was both of ours first time. and he started to take my shirt off and my panties completly. he undid his belt and took off his shirt. he told me to scoot back on the bed till my head was on the pillow. Then again started fingering me to make sure he could get in.Then looked me strait in the eye and said are u sure u want to do this i said yes and asked me like 5 more times if i was possitive i wanted to and to lose it to him and i told him a plain yes i am sure. He got on top of me and tryd to get in 3 more trys and it was in sort of then he stared to move around going in and out ever like 30 seconds and he could tell i was in pain and asked me one more time and i said yes but after about 5 mins it started to feel good and i was making a lot of nois then he sat me up and huged me we changed to me siting on his lap going up and down and i started to get even louder. then he said can i go inside and yelled. yes! and he came about 10secs later well u know. he wraped his arms around me ad we sat he still inside of me then i lay down and we cuddled for like 30 mins talking about what had just happend in the past hour he kissed me and said i love you we got dressed and he help me get my shorts back on for a while i was dizzy. i looked at the bed an there was little bit of blood there so we cleand it up and i walked him to his house and he gave me 1 last kiss. we are still together and we have only done it twice i hope you love the person u give it away to becouse he makes it so much more easy i love scott and i hope u enjoyed or got info out of my first time story byby

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