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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I come from a family of very sex-minded people. My parents are always going into their bedroom and locking the door. My sister, Meg, has a boy friend who spends half of his time in her bedroom. She is twenty so Dad and Mom let it go on. Mom once told me that sex was very important for all people; that it made the world go around. I was watched very carefully by my parents until I was fifteen sso I wouldn’t get sexual involved with anybody. But Mom brought me the pills when I turned fifteen. I got the message that I could have sex now.

But Meg had done a great job of educating me when I was about fourteen. One afternoon, I told her that I knew she was having sex in her room because I could hear them moaning and the bed squeeked. I wanted to know what it was like. She said that I was old enough to know so she went and got her dildo. She took her clothes off and laid down on my bed and prceeded to work it in and out of her pussy. She told me to take my clothes off and lie down which i did. She spread my legs and told me to hold on tight because it was going to hurt for a few minutes. It sure as hell did !! But after the pain came the pleasure. I had my first orgasm !! Then she showed me how to do it with my fingers. I had another climax !! She then started to kiss my tits, my stomach and my thighs. I got hot all over again. She stuck her tongue into my pussy and fucked me with that wonderful organ. I came again !!! Then she showed me how to eat pussy, and I ate hers. I came again !!! Jesus !! What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. She showed me how suck cock using the dildo. i spent a lot of afternoons that way; sometimes wwith Meg and sometimes by myself. I got addicted to orgasms.

I had been going with Ken about a year then, but just heavy petting. After I got the pill, Ken and I were together and he was feeling me all over and I got very horny. So I unzipped him and took his hot prick in my hands for the first time. He was suprised but offered no objections. It seem awfully big to me. But I forged forth and washed his prick and his balls with my tongue and finally gave him a blowjob until he came in my mouth.

I let him take my pants and panties off after he promised not to try to fuck me. He fingered me to one climax. And I asked him if he would eat my cunt. Very reluctantly he agreed. At first he was not good at it. But as time went on he got better; after I showed where my clit was and how to treat it. I climaxed again.

So our relationship consisted for two or three weeks of just oral sex. But that ended one evening, while my parents were locked in their bedroom. Ken and I were on my bed; naked from the waist down. Ken said he badly wanted to fuck me. I told him I was scared, but I wanted it too. He asked what we were going to do. I said I guess you are going to have to rape me. He jumped up and got some scarves out of my bureau and straddled my stomach. He tied my hands to the bed and then he tied my legs to the bed so that I was spread eagled. He crawled between my legs and slide that wonderful huge cock into my cunt and started to pump away. I went crazy!! I LOVED it !!! I slipped my hands and feet out of the loosely tied scarves and proceeded to hug him, scratch him and bite him as we fucked like two wild animals. He came first but kept shoving it in and pulling it out until I experienced a massive climax that tore through me whole body.

Was I raped??? I don’t really think so.

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