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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: motel
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My first time was rape. I was 14 years old and only wanted to have fun. I was outside playing with my friends. This guy in a truck pulled up to ask for diretions. Me and my friends went to his truck. He told me to get in and point to the map to show him how to get out of the state. I did not knowing any better and he stepped on the gass peddle. I started crying, he told me not to and to just relax. He told me all he wanted to do was talk. I said ok, but I knew what he wanted. I tried to jump out the car but he had it on child proof lock. I though of attacking him but he was the driver and I didn’t want to die in a crash. We stopped at what seemed to be a motel room. I walked in with him and sat down on his bed. He started talking to me about school and stuff. I didn’t get it. He then pulled out a gun. He told me to take off all me clothes. I did because i was afraid of him. He then took off all his clothes. I refused to look at him, but he threatened me and i did. he placed the gun next to the bed and told me i had to do what ever he said or he would kill me. I listened. First he told me that he wanted me to suck on his dick. I told him i had never done this before so he smacked me in the head and told me to suck. I did and he got his enjoyment. He then turnedd me over on my back and he told me that I had to stick me ass up in the air. I did and he slid his dick into my ass. It hurt so much. I started to cry again. He played with me tits as he slid in and out of my ass. Finally he stoped and turned me back over. He stuck his dick in to the front of me. I felt pain and knew I was no longer a virgin. I was szving myself up for my husband, but no my virginity was robbed from me. I bled alot but he ignored it. He was cumming all over the place but mostly inside of me. I was so afraid of getting pregnant. He stopped after three hours. He beat me up then fell asleep with his arm over me so i culdn’t get away. I didn’t sleep. He woke up six hours later and told me to get dressed. I did. We got back in the car and he dropped me off at the border of North Carolina and South Carolina. I live in North Carolina. I called my mother and since then the police have been looking for the man that raped me. I also now have a baby boy, and know who the guy that rapped me is. I couldn’t give up the baby but when i look at him all I could think of is the pain and abuse I had. A tip for every one BE CARFUL AND LOVE THE PERSON YOU HAVE SEX WITH.
Thank you for reading this.

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