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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: his shop
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I hear that when a 26 year old guy has sex with 13 year old girl they call it rape. Well I didn’t feel like I was raped and I don’t think any girl of any age was more ready to lose her cherry than I was that night. I came from a family of four, my folks and my sister Kate and I. My parents were alcholics and were, from as long as I can remember. They worked every day but as soon as they were home they hit the bottle and by seven pm they both were out of it.
We had an Aunt who lived nearby and it was Aunt Jill who we turned to when we had a problem, my parents sure couldn’t help. My sister Kate turned out wild and was in one scrape after another, I think it was Jill who told of my dad coming home one day and finding Kate in bed having sex with a neighbor boy, and I think It’s true because I came home from school one day and caught Kate screwing a guy on her bed in the bedroom we shared. That wasn’t the only time I caught Kate, another time I saw her sucking off a guy in a car in our driveway, and one night after I had gone to sleep she brought a boy into our bedroom and thinking I was asleep she sucked him off then lay under him while he slowly and quietly screwed her on her bed right across from me. I also saw my dad screwing Aunt Jill doggie style in the basement one day and came home early another day and found my mom naked on her bed with a neighbor man on her giving it to her hot and hard, and from her sounds, she was loving it.
So you can see that by the time I was 12 I had seen a lot, even though I hadn’t had any contact with boys myself. I began to have an interest in guys and my own body, which was developing fast. My sister Kate took after my mom’s side of the family and was bigger built and I took after my dad , who was smaller built. The only trait I got from my mom was my tits. Both mom and Kate have really big Knockers and mine by the time I was 10 had grown to where I needed a Bra, and though I’ll never be as big in the tits as Kate or mom, I think they are a pretty good size for my size, and when I was 12 some of the boys were noticing them, especially one guy named Bobby.
I didn’t like Bobby at first. He was always teasing me and rough housing around. Then one day I figured out that he wouldn’t tease me if he didn’t like me, and I began to look at Bobby a little diferent, and tolorate his teasing. One thing I became aware of was every time Bobby would wrestle around with me he would always be brushing against my tits.Then I noticed it was his hands that were coming in contact with my tits and he began to let his hands linger on them as long as I would let him. At first I used to push him away quickly, then I began to feel a tingly sensation each time he would touch me, and I kind of liked it. I also began to get a warm feeling down between my legs, and this felt good too.It was about that time , during my 12th. year that I over heard some older girls talking about masterbating, and I got curious about it and first began to experiment on my body in bed at night. I found I really liked it and got that same warm tingly feeling that Bobby gave me when I would touch my sensitive little pussy.
Then one night I was at something at school and Bobby was there and asked if he could walk me home. I let him and as we walked he put his arm around my waist and I cuddled close to him and I was feeling that same warm tingly feeling very strong. When Bobby pulled me into some shadows and put his arms around me he was kissing me before I realized what he was doing.I liked It but didn’t really know what to do, and when he urged me to kiss him back I just clung to him and did what he was doing. He also had moved one of his hand up on the front of my blouse and was feeling my tits freely, and I was on fire down between my legs. I made him stop ,I was getting scared of my feelings. For the first time in my life when I got home the crotch of my panties were wet. When I masterbated that night in bed, I thuoght about Bobby and wished it was his hand touching my pussy. I had my very first climax that night and it was scarry the way my whole body trembled and bucked my hips at my hand. I had a real mess between my legs and had to shower.Bobby tried to get me alone several times after that but I was a little afraid of what I felt when I was around him.
Living on the same street where I lived was a young man who had moved into a house at the end of the block when his elderly father had passed away. Jerry was liked by everybody, he was friendly and did odd jobs around the neighborhood and was especially liked by the kids in the area because he used to fix bikes and had a work shop in back of his house where he made thigs out of wood and would let the kids do little jobs on projects he was working on then he’d let the kids sell wood lawn ornaments to raise money for school projects. I remember he let me paint a little Kitten cutout once and I liked it so much he let me keep it and take it home. Jerry used to call me Kitten after that and seemed to like me a lot, and I liked him too.Each time I would come into his shop he used to come over and put his arm around my shoulder and give me a little squeeze, and I really liked that and felt special.
Then I began to notice that I was feeling that tingly warm feeling between my legs when Jerry would squeeze me and when I was near him, and at night it was Jerry that I thought about when I was fingering my juicy pussy. I think Jerry sensed that I liked him too, for he always treated me real special.I had just turned 13 and he was twice my age but it didn’t matter I would have done anything Jerry wanted.
It happened one night after I had been at Jerry’s place that afternoon and felt that special tingling with him. I went back in late evening and found Jerry alone, he was just going back to his Photo room at the back of the shop. Pictures were another hobby of Jerry. When he saw me he smiled and said “Hi kitten” and again gave me a little hug and again I tingled. I knew Jerry never let any of the kids go back into his photography room so I said that I would go, but he stopped me and said ” You can come in Kitten, you’re special, just don’t tell anyone else Ok?” and I smiled and said I wouldn’t. He led me to one end of his room that was carpeted with a small love seat and a television set.” I was just going to watch a tape Kitten, would you like to watch it with me ?” he asked. “Sure.” I said and sat next to him on the love seat. ” You sure you want to be here Kitten? Your folks won’t miss you and come looking for you will they? ” He asked. ” No it’s Ok Jerry, no one will miss me , and I like spending time with you.” I told him. ” Good I like my Kitten a lot, I just don’t want to do any thing that might get you in trouble,or me in trouble, you know I could ,if you ever told anyone you were here with me like this” he said.”Don’t worry this will be our secret.” I told him. “Good , That’s why I like my Kitten, you are special ,and not like any of the others.” he told me. The love seat was small and just enough room for the two of us, and I was enjoying being this close to Jerry. ” The tape I was going to watch may not be for a young ladies eyes Kitten, I was going to put a porno tape on , but I’ll put something else on if you’d rather not see that kind of tape honey?” he asked. ” No that’s ok Jerry.” I replied. “You sure? you ever see porno before?” he asked again. ” No, but it’s ok.” I said.
Jerry then reached to his left and the lights went out and the tv came on. On the screen was a guy and girl kissing, and after a few moments they began to undress each other, and I was aware that Jerry had slipped his right arm around my shoulders. The Tingling and heat in my young pussy was almost unbearable by now.The couple on the screen had fallen onto a bed, And the guy had slid his big long cock into the pretty blonde and the were fucking steady. It reminded me of the scene when I’d first caught Kate screwing the boy on her bed.Jerry’s right hand was now petting up and down my right arm and his fingers were occasionally touching the side of my right tit and this was sending shivvers through me.Jerry asked me softly if I liked the tape and I smiled up at him and said yes, he then leaned his face to mine and gave me a litle kiss, and I liked that and when I kept me lips there he kissed me again and this time he opened my lips with his tongue and I was having my first french kiss and my young body was on fire. Jerry’s hand now was carressing my tit and gently squeezing it and this only made me hotter.”God baby I’m crazy about you” he whispered. and I whispered back I was crazy about him too. Jerry was openly squeezing and petting both my tits now, And when he asked if he could take my top off I let him and my Bra quickly followed. The feel of someone elses hand on my bare tits was making me crazy and I was half in a daze when I felt Jerry slide off the love seat onto the floor and he was tugging my shorts and panties down, when he had them off he gently lay me back so I was half laying on the seat and he opened my legs. I first felt Jerry’s lips kissing their way up my thighs and when his lips found my wet pussy a could hold it back no longer and I started cumming wildly on his mouth. It was the wildest climax I’d ever felt and jerry kept laving my slit with his tongue and poking the tip against my little clit. He kept me cumming for several min. until I almost passed out from the wild sensation going through my body.
I don’t know when or how Jerry got out of his cloths, the next thig I knew he had got up and was standing over me with his long hard cock in his hand and he was aiming it right at my face as he said in a funny voice”Please Kitten ,Please suck it for me.” I’d never done or even thought about doing that butI all of a sudden I wanted to and I moved toward the beautifull male cock and stuck out my tongue to taste the drop of pre-cum on the little slit at the end. It tasted a little salty and a little sour, but I didn’t mind the flavor and a moment later I had taken as much of his shaft into my mouth that I could and as he’d wanted I began to suck. I’d heard older girls at school talk about ” cock sucking” and it always had seemed something bad, but I honestly can say I was loving it and Jerry was loving it too. It didn;t seem very long before Jerry began to moan in pleasure, then his body jerked and he began to shoot his white hot load of cum into my mouth.It felt strange in my mouth, hot and slippery and creamy, but I didn’t mind the taste and I tried hard to swallow it all down my throat but some of it squeezed out of the corners of my lips and ran down onto my neck and tits. When I’d taken about all I could out of him Jerry took his cock from my mouth and with his finger wiped up what had run out and put it back into my mouth and I likked his fingers off while he whispered to how great he thought I was and how good I’d done.
I really felt good as Jerry eased me down off the love seat onto the carpet and lay half beside me and half over me as he carressed my tits and after awhile put his finger back into my pussy and began to slowly finger screw me. Laying naked with this wonderfull older guy I really felt great and when his finger had me hot again his cock was again hard and he whispered to me as he moved over me asking if I was ready, I was.I felt the tip of his cock rubbing at th lips of my pussy and I never wanted anything more. Jerry then told me he wanted me to put it in and when I reached down between us I fumbled until I had his wonderfull hard tool in my hand.It was the first I had ever touched it with my hand and I can’t discribe the feel of it. Jerry was so big and long and rock hard, I honestly had doubts It could ever go inside me, but thats where I wanted it and guided it to my virgin opening.Jerry began to ease it into my pussy hole and it was tight and I began to feel some discomfort. Jerry kept asking if it hurt and it did but I kept saying no, I wanted it so bad.
Then Jerry got to the point where he could feel the resistance of my cherry and he paused whispering to me that he didn’t want to hurt me and he’d be as gentle as he could but he warned me he was going to have to hurt me some.Asking if I was ready I felt him position his hips, then in one quick motion he thrust his cock through my cherry and slid all the way into my pussy. I raised him off the floor as I couldn’t help but scream out in the worst pain I had ever felt. It was like my body had been split in two and thank goodness it was over quickly as Jerry kept his throbbing cock still in me for several min. until I sort of got used to him being all the way inside me. I cried, I couldn’t help it and Jerry kissed away my tears and told me how wonderfull it felt to be inside me. After a time the hurt sort of subsided and when Jerry began to move in and out of my stretched pussy it still hurt a lot at first. Jerry was gentle and let me get used to it, going slow. Then slowly it began to feel better and I was starting to love having a cock in me.Soon I was breathing heavier and starting to push my hips up at each thrust Jerry was making. My body seemed to be making more lubricant and he was sliding easier in and out and I began to love it. We were humping and pumping faster and faster and I was clutching Jerry for all I was worth as he fucked me and I fucked him back. Then all of a sudden the feeling he had given me when he had first eat at my pussy was rushing over me and I began to cum again, only this time it was stronger and wilder than the first and I could hear Jerry puffing as he humped me wildly. then as my cum began to subside a little I heard Jerry groan loudly and felt him cumming as he pumped his load of hot cum deep iside my pussy.
Jerry and I fucked several more times that summer, and each time was as wonderfull as the first, I was crazy about Jerry and his big cock. Then one day Jerry was gone and I never got to see him again. I heard some rumers he went to jail for screwing a minor in another state, but never kneqw for sure. I only know I will never forget him and thoughI am happily married to another woderfull guy I still lay awake at night sometime and remember Jerry and what his cock did for me.

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