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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Behind the Tree
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was in the movie when I saw my friend and his girlfriend looking for a row to sit then they saw me they went close to me and said can we sit here said my friend then I said yeah sure. When the movie was done we went out for a clouple of cofee and when we were satisfied we decided to go home. My friends girlfriend had a jaguar and my friends girlfirend ask me if I want to go with them she said she will drop me off then I agreed so we went for a ride. after about 2 mile trip my friend has to stop because his house is nearby road so we stopped after that there is couple of kissing and saying bye then we wen’t off. my house is about four more miles and her house is about a mile far from my house. We were talking about our secret our weakness and secrets then I realized we were talking about sex and I got hard when she told me what kind of man she likes to fuck and stuff. I got hard so bad that my short is about to pop out then I pulled my dick out and she said what are you doing. I grabbed her legs and my fingers just slipped uder her skirt I realized she was not wearing panties and I started to finger fuck her while shes driving and she said what the hell are you out of your mine and I said I wanna have you now she said then she slowed the car down and parked in this forest and said what the hell if my boyfriend finds out what happened he will kill you so don’t do it I don’t want you to get killed then I said well lets do it secretly and no one will never now I pushed her behind the tree and took her cloths clothes and she said just rob you dick into my pussy and don’t put your cock all the way in and best of all don’t cum on me but I wasn’t listening to her I just put my cock in to her pussy and put the damn shit all the way in she was tight and screaming ahhh shit don’t put it all in then I kept pumping and moaned that I am going to cum she yelled at me and said don’t cum on me please I was about to take my cock out to spill the cum but I couldn’t move because of excstasy so I cummed in to her pussy then after a munite she was crying and saying if my boyfriend find out that I am not a virgin no more he will leave me then I said I thought you were not a virgin she said I am I never had sex with my boyfriend before then we wen’t home after that when I got out of the car I said I am really sorry for what happened then she said its okay with tears on her eyes the she went off. After about 1 week she came back with her jaguar and parked in my garage she told me the story that they had fight with her boyfriend and the boyfriend left her and wen’t england and will never come back so she said I am lucky I am not pregnant but if I was would you take em as a baby then I said no and she said well I wanna have it again I want you to rape me she said that that time I raped her she felted kinda better and now she wanted me to do it again but I said no you are just going to be pregnant and she answered back and said I’m in pills when I heared the thing she said I went rush to her and carried her in the bed and fucked her until I came. I came about 7 times and we got married but we still don’t wan’t to have a baby so we just fuck each other for fun

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