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Where it happened: her bedroom
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I am not using the names that everyone knows us by incase there are people out there that know us and are reading this. Instead i am using our first names which we usually keep from everyone. I have known Melva about s before we ever decided to try our hand at dating. We live about 100miles apart so we dont actually get to see each other that often. We had been dating a little over a year when we actually had sex with one another. I was staying with my aunt, who lived about four or five houses down the street, for the summer. I had gotten a job cleaning large water cooled fans dollars an hour. Well i usually tried to get over to see her every night but with our conflicting jobs it was hard to do. I worked during the day and she worked at night. Somehow we managed to find time for one another. On one occassion I was at her house spending some time with her. One thing led to another, we had been playing mind games with each other all night long(as we usually do). She had said something that i didnt really like(to this day i cant remember what it was)and i told her she could just suck it. The next thing i know she is sitting in the floor in front of me unbuttoning and zipping my jeans. Until now she had been sitting in my lap. She commented on the size of my cock and said that she could never take all 11inches of it in any “hole”(as she put it). She began sucking and slurping up and down on my shaft and rubbing her hand up and down on the part that her mouth could not take. It was the first time that I had ever had a blowjob and it was pure bliss. Unfortuanatly her little brother who I think walked in while she was giving me head. Well he left and about five minutes later Melva’s mother came in. I know most of you are thinking “Oh SHIT!!!” well at the time I was too. But to my surprise her mother turned around and walked out of her room. We would have locked the door if there had been a door to lock. Her parents dont trust her or me for that matter. After her mother had come in I was really excited and scared about what was going to happen when I had to speak to mom again. I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot my load down her throat. She licked up every last drop of cum and looked me in the eyes and simply said,”Tasty.” At that precise moment mom came back in and said that it was time I left. So I got up and after kissing my girl goodbye I went back to my aunt’s. For the next week Melva and I were not allowed to see one another. When mom said it was ok for me to come over and visit Melva again I was more than eager to get down the street to see her, hold her, kiss her, caress her, etc. When I came up the steps to the door Melva met me wearing her back spandex shorts and a tight red shirt that revealed the cleavage of her 38CC. The early evening air was cool and I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra under her shirt. Her nipples becoming harder as we embraced on the porch. She then grabbed my hand and led me to her room as usual. We sat in the black leather chair that we had been in the last time. However, today after about 15 minutes of making out she began to undo my jeans. As usual by this time my cock was extremly hard and bounced to freedom as she unzipped me since I never wear anything under my jeans. As she began to rub my stiffy i pulled down the back of her shorts to find she wasn’t wearing any panties. She then positioned herself so that she was directly over my cock. We made passionate love for several minutes like this. Finally, after about 20 or so minutes before i finally came deep within her virgin pussy. Find out the rest of the story next time. Got to run.

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