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Randy and Kevin

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: scout camping trip
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was reading these and Randy and I just had to share our story.
Randy and I have always been good students and played the same sports and have hung out together, but have always been just friends. A few years ago, during the Summer, our scout troop decided that it was time to have a two week camp out in the wilderness. So we all packed our stuff and hiked out into nowhere for about 30 miles before setting up camp.
Once all of the tents were up and everyone decided who they would share with, we headed down to the mountain lake for a swim. And since it was just us guys, we all stripped down and headed into the water naked. We all joked about the serious case of ‘turtle dick’ we all had because of the barely above freezing water temp.
We swam and palyed tag and wrestled until we were too tired to do anymore. Then we just lay out onthe rocks until we were dry.
I had seen Randy naked lots of times before in school and over at our house when we would change and stuff, but this time his smooth muscled body kind of stirred something inside me.
That night we finished our scout stuff and headed for our tents and zipped up inside. Then we both stripped down to our underwear and sat on top of the bags because of the warm night.
Randy started talking about how his parents were getting a divorce and how they were trying to force him to choose who he would live with, and before I knew it, he was crying and kind of shaking. My natural response was to put my arm on his shoulder, which he responded to by hugging me and laying his head on my shoulder.
I just held him and stroked his hair for almost an hour and finally he was calm and I thought he was asleep.
To this day I will never know why I felt the urge to kiss him on the cheek, but I did. He just turned his head towards me and, with his eyes still closed, he moaned really softly and kissed me back. I don’t even know if he knew he was kissing me on the mouth then, but I kissed him back and it slowly became a real kiss until he was fully awake and pulled back and looked at me.
I was really embarrassed because I thought it had gone too far beyond comforting, and just looked down. Randy responded by pulling up softly on my chin and looking into my eyes and just saying ‘Thank you, I love you’ and started kissing me again.
This was the most soft and sensual kissing that I had ever had from anyone…(only knew about girls so far). And I hugged him tighter as we our kiss became full and passionate. His tongue softly probed my mouth and I could taste the slight taste of burnt marshmallows from the ‘Smores’ that we had earlier. My hands slid up and down his back and his hand slid up my leg and over my underwear on the hip and up my side. It was all so gentle and soft and passionate that I knew then that I loved him too.
That first night, we kissed for hours and ran our hands over every inch of each others bodies without going under the underpants. It was so soft and gentle.
Then next night, we both simply stripped down to our underwear and then once the tent was zipped down and everyone was down with lights off, we talked about what we had done and what we should do. We got into the same sleeper and just held each other and kissed all night, but the passion was building and we both felt the tension.
By the third night, we both simply and silently got completely naked and explored each other’s bodies with our hands and kissed all over.
I know this seems really slow, but we didn’t really have any sexual contact until the 5th night. Then I reached down and took Randy’s hard penis and softly rubbed it until he moaned softly and squirted across my legs and stomach. Without any word, he leaned down and started licking it off me like a cat licks her kittens. After he finished with my legs, he moved up and kissed my balls and kissed my penis. I couldn’t help breathing deep with this wonderful new feeling and stroking his shimmering black hair..partly to just touch him, and partly to keep his head where it was.
he kept doing this until he came to the end of my penis and then he took it in his mouth and started softly sucking.
I didn’t last long. It was my first time ever to have my penis touched. He finished and then kissed his way up my stomach and chest until our lips met again and we kissed for over a half hour and whispered our love to each other.
I loved the silky feeling of his balls in my hands. I loved how he groaned when I pushed my finger into his rectum and moved it around. We were both so curious and wanted to explore every part of each other. I broke the kiss and kissed down his perfectly shaped chest and flat stomach and through his newly started strands of silky hair and onto his balls and penis. It was so soft and smooth that I knew that I had found my favorite thing in life. I kissed and sucked until he blew his liquid into my mouth. I was unsure of how I felt about that, but I was in love and didn’t want to care.
That night, Randy had decided to give me a very special gift. He brough out some sun tan lotion and rubbed it on my penis as he kissed me and whispered how much he loved me. I got hard in seconds. Then he turned his narrow muscular hips ‘face’ down on the sleepers and told me that he wanted to feel me inside of him.
This blew my mind. I had no idea that this was even possible, but I loved him and knew I wanted to try. It was hard at first, and he was hurting for the first little bit. But once it was in, I found a natural slow rhythm and rocked in and out, forward and backward for almost an hour before I had the most mind blowing orgasm that I have ever had in my life with my penis pressed as far as it would go into his smooth muscled ass. I was actually crying because it was so intense. I recovered and poured lotion on him because I knew I wanted to share this experience with him, and told him that I wanted to feel his penis inside of me.
He poured lotion on my crack which felt really good, and then pushed his finger deep into me. I relaxed as much as I could and then Randy gasped with pleasure as he pushed his penis in. I gasped with sharp pain, but hid it from him so that he wouldn’t stop. This was too important!
He cried the whole time he was in me and gave me a wonderful 40 minutes of intimacy.
This repeated every night of the trip and we have been together since then. We are excited to share this with someone, since our families and fellow highschool students and even friends wouldn’t understand.
A few months ago we met an old gay couple by accident. They have been together for 44 years.
With that in mind, we made a pact to be together for at least 45.
Thanks for sharing and reading with us, it’s like free therapy!

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