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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: his pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

well i really liked this guy and we often played around doing naughty things like, i’d let him put his hands down my pants and amssage my clit and cunt…..i’d let him rub, suck and lick my tits and nipples and sooner or later i started to put my hands down his pants and stroke his cock…he had the most ENORMOUS cock!, it was thick, hard long and it throbbed when i put myhands on it!. One day his parents were away and we were in his pool swimming and diving, i was wearing a little white bikini and he was wearing soccer shorts that gripped around his balls and dick…it all started when i was pulling my self up out of the pool to go inside for a drink..i felt his hand reach up underneath the edge of my bikini bottoms and grab my pussy ..he pulled me back into the water and i turned to face him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and i could feel his dick begin to harden….he began to stroke my pussy from the outside of my panties but soon i felt his hand slip under neath them and he began to stroke my clitoris…meanwhile the water lapped on our boddies and my hair was stuck too my face….i lowered my hand down and grabbed on to his dick i began to slowly rub his dick…i then put my hand inside of his pants and i ran my hand up and down his great big hard dick….he threw his head back and let his hands wander up to my breasts where he begun to rub and stroke them hard flicking my nipples ..i called out his name and in the heat of the moment i said” FUCK ME NOW I WANT YOU INSIDE OF ME!!!”….he bobbed his head under water and ripped my bikini bottoms off with his teeth….i could feel the water rushing through my legs and inside of my cunt…..he kept massaging my clit and my head became bluury i would let him do what ever he wanted how ever he wanted….he knew he was in control…..i slowly took my bikini top off sliding it over my head …. i reached down and slid his shorts off. He pressed my body against his and i felt his hard dick brush across my clit . I was unbelieveably excited.. breasts were pressed against his chest and were up around my neck as he began to move himself up and down..i reached down and grabbed his throbbing dick and shoved it in my cunt.. cunt tightened around his shaft and i could feel my self throbbing with desire…he beagan to push his shlong in and out of my tight pussy …we spoke so dirty to each other…and it was FANTASTIC!…every day after that we would fuck somewhere new in some new position…we also began making movies of it an watching them to gether while me masturbated one another.

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