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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I grew up well aware of my sexual desires.At a young age i was already giving head to my babysitters brother whenever SHE has got things to do SHE will ask her brother to help care her chargers.The swine takes libety and pulls me to the room and gives me a lollipop to suck and later h stips me of my clothes and rubs himself against me.I saw his cock,it was about 4inch at that time and at first he told me to hold it. He then started to move my hands up and down.We were in his sisters room at the time.
the first time when he came in my hands i thought he was peeing so i quickly pulled my hands off his cock and finished jerking it.The first time after he did touch my hairless pussy and tried to put his finger into my hole but he just left at tha after i told him i wanted to pee but he watched me pee as i squated.
The next day,he came again to his sisters house as SHE had things to do,so he had to babysit again.This time he just strip naked and told me to do the same,i did as i was curios too,to see his cock spewing out the white stuff. I asked him if got the lollipop for me,but he told me he got something better for me to suck on. He went to the kitchen for awhile and then he ushered me to his sisters room.
i was sitting at the edge of the bed and he was naked with his cock sticking out and i noticed that it was gleaming,like he had put something on his cock.He got nearer and tried to put his cock into my mouth but i turned my head away as i felt it dirty.He grabbed my head and told me to suck on it and he assured me his lollipop is sweeter.Out of curiosity i licked his cock and sure it was sweet and i sucked on his cock even more.I was licking the sweetness and taking his whole cock into my mouth and enjoying the taste,HONEY thats wat it was. I gave him a blowjob unwittingly and he blew his wad into my mouth and i swallowed it too.Since then i would blow him three to five times a week and his sister aand my parents never found out. I enjoyed his little games and one day he went down on me and licked me,i had never found that kind of satisfaction,it was really something i enjoyed him doing it to me.AS time went by,we did 69 and he dry fucked me and he would shoot his sperm on my chest.He will lick and suck on my tits and make it feel damn nice,and he is only five years older than me.I learned alot about guys sexual preference from him.
When i had sex the first time with a guy i was going out,i knew wat to do and this guy loved everything i did sexually. I never could stick with one guy because i am a sex maniac now. I just get guys to fuck me ,and sometimes in a day i get fucked by seven different guys in a day. I love to suck their cocks and swallow their sperms.I pickup guys anywhere i see a guy i like let it be at the train station or supermarket,i just pick them up.I married a guy,my husband now,i pick him up at the supermarket and we got married after 2years. He gives me the freedom to fuck anyone i like and he encourages me to have 3somes and moresomes.He is a perverted man but he suites me fine.i amm bisex now,i love licking pussy too and have some good friends for licking and some orgies. I will die if i dont fuck everyday..i have to go now,im horny like hell catch you later baby,i wish i could see all you people there.

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