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Prom Night

Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: yes
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Oh yea…prom night. Well we left After-Prom a little early. You know….around 2 hours early. We went back the my friends dates house. The guys went out to get soda and stuff like that and me and my friend decided to change out of our dresses. Well…I had put on this really cute pink undies and matching bra and then my black pants but I couldnt find my shirt which I had left in the trunk of the car. Well when the boys got back from the store I went outside to get my shirt only in my bra and black pants. My date ,who was carrying a bag of soda, was totally surprised and almost dropped that bag. I got my shirt and put it on but didnt snap it up and went back into the house. Well, my friend and her date went on downstairs and left me and my date upstairs. I told my date that I was tired and didnt really feel like doing anything, which was a lie. So I covered myself with a blanket and pretended to go to sleep. He crawled on top of me and layed down and told me that he was sleepy too. So we layed there and he covered himself with the blanket too. Then he started kissing my stomach which is a total turn on for me…he slid my shirt off and started kissing my chest through my bra then he took my bra off and sucked on them like he was a baby.
Well after a little while we were both naked and he was sliding himself into me. He went slow at first. Then he pick up some speed and we had a nice rythm going. Then about 30 minutes later he rolled over on the couch that we were on and made me ride him. That was wild. I think I like being on top. Anyways. We stayed like that for about 20 minutes then I was on the bottom again and he had my leg up on his shoulder and he was banging me like nothing else I mean it felt like he was trying to crush my spine then we came and he pulled himself out. I was half lying on the floor and half on the couch and he started to complain about needing more caffiene. And that was my first time on prom night…

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