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Prom Night

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: hotel
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Well, I had decided to go to prom alone. As there was no
women whom I was serious about, plus I would be free to
flirt with anyone! So I made my rounds, danced many ladies.
But there was one girl there who took my breath away! So,
I strolled over to her and asked if she would like to dance.
She responded by saying “Why yes, I would love to”. So we
began dancing, at first we were not dancing too close to
each other, but as we both became more comfortable, I pulled
her right against my body. I became aroused and my cock
began to grow beneath my tuxedo, I suppose she felt the
buldge. Because the next thing that came from her beautiful
lips was “Do I excite you, do I turn you on?” I didn’t know
what to say, the only thing that I managed to say was “yes,
ver much”. She said “well you turn me on as well, do you
have a place that we could go and cintinue this dance
privately?” I said “no, but I can find a place, I’ll go get
our coats!” So I got the coats and caught up with her, we
left prom and drove to a hotel. Once there I quickly checked
in and ran up to our room. Immediately we were all over each
other, our clothes in a heap. She whispered in my ear,
telling me that she was going to give me head. Of course I
didn’t argue with her, it was the most wonderful feeling
having this lovely lady wrap her lips around my cock and
going up and down and licking under the head. After about
five minuted I erupted in her mouth and she gulped that
down. I told her that I wanted to return the favor, so I got
down between those long and woderful legs and ate her out.
She orgasmed several times before she told me to fuck her.
I am laying down on the bed and she impales herself upon my
7 inch cock. I begin thrusting and bounces up and own, after
an hour of this, I just cannot handle it anymore, but I
wanted her to enjoy this just as much. She had not orgasmed
yet, I told her I was coming and that seemed to push her
over the top. We lay there all night in each others arms.
After that night we began dating, put a two years later we
broke up. That had to be the most wonderful night of my

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