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pool table

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: a friend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Back when I was 17 and in high school I had about five close friends that I would hang out with on weekends and that was it. There were no girls in our group at the time, however three of my friends had girlfriends that sometimes came out with us. Anyway, one night all five of us plus the three girls went out to an early movie and then we were going to go out to eat. It was pretty awkward for me and my other single friend, so we decided we would go out and “pick up women” while the others went out to eat. So we got in my car and just started driving around trying to found a place to go. The mall was not quite closed yet and so we decided we would stop by there. We never expected to find any girls, it was more of just a joke. But as we walked in three really hot girls were coming out, and they seemed to be right around our age. Well I was not feeling too shy that night so I just walked up to them and began talking. My friend was really embarrased at this but I didn’t care. It turned out they were sophomores at a high school nearby. This was cool because I was a junior so I was only a year older. And they were hot. I got the phone number of one named Diane who was probably the best looking one. My friend actually began talking then and got another one’s number and then he, thinking he had succeeded, turned and left. But I stayed and asked what they were doing that night. Well the one named Alyson who had the car had to be home, so that meant everyone else did as well. I offered Diane a ride if she wanted to come out with me, and after some negotiating she agreed. We went out to my car, where my friend was honking the horn impatiently. When he saw me walking with Diane he was quite suprised. I tossed him the kees and climbed into the back with Diane. I told him it was about time to meet the others back at Jim’s house. Along the way, Diane and I kissed and did a little necking but that was it. I at one point put my hand up her shirt and felt her breast (which was quite a nice size), but she told me not in the car so I stopped. When we reached the house everyone was in the living room watching tv. They were a little suprised when I introduced them to Diane, because they thought we were just joking when we said we were picking up women. After we sat down and watched tv for awhile, someone said they wanted something to drink. Jim asked me to go and get some coke from the refridgerator in the basement, and I said I would. Diane said she’d help me carry it. So we went down to the basement, which we found was pretty empty. It was basically just a heater, a fridge, a pool table and a fuss-ball table. I walked toward the fridge but Diane stayed behind. She was looking for something on the door and when she found it she pulled the lever. I told her she just locked th door and she said she knew. She then went to the pool table, pushed all th balls into the pockets and climbed on. “Come on,” she said. “Let’s have some fun.” I immediately climbed up with her and began kissing her. We were both on our knees. She wrapped her arms around me and I did the same, and then she lay down, taking me with her so that I was on top of her. I put my hand up her shirt again, and this time she didn’t stop me. Instead she reached down and squeezed my ass. I undid her bra (it had one of those front clasp things) and pulled it out from under her shirt. She untucked my shirt as I felt her bare breasts. She pulled my shirt up over my head, which forced me to take my hand out and come up a little. She threw my shirt to the ground and began to take her own shirt off. As she did this I took off my pants so that I was only in my boxers, which stuck straight out from my now hard cock. Her breasts looked so nice now that they were exposed. She lay back and I began to undo her pants. She helped me in removing them and I took off her panties. It was the first time I had seen a pussy in real life and it was beautiful. Her brown pubic hair was dripping with her juices, and I leaned down to lick them up. She said no she wanted me and she grabbed my dick and pulled it out of my shorts. I didn’t feel like getting up to take my boxers off and they were cheap so I just ripped them off of me. “Fuck me” she said, “I’m on the pill”. I was pleased to oblige her and I slammed my dick into her. I was so relieved when I didn’t cum on the spot. She gasped with pain and pleasure and I began to slowly (both not to hurt her and so I could last longer) sliding my dick in and out, gradually speeding up. I lay into her and kissed her neck while I fucked her. After awhile, when I thought I couldn’t last any longer without cumming she screamed out extremely loud and arched her back. Her pussy gripped tighter on my cock as she orgasmed and that, along with all of her juices flooding over my dick brought me over the edge and with a gasp I released load after load of cum into her. I kept thrusting until my orgasm subsided, and then we just lay there, my cock still in her. We were both twitching and shaking from the forces of our orgasms. When we went back upstairs everyone knew hat we did because they were all looking at us knowingly, and it was pretty obvious because we were both all sweaty and out of breath, we had been down there for about 20 minutes, and we brought up no coke. I am still technically dating Diane, but it is difficult because I am in college and she is in high school, but we trust each other. We’ve had sex one more time since then, but it was not half as good.

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