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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: In the park
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

We didn’t know each other barely at all. I brought my younger sister
and her friends to the park, not dressing up because I did
not expect anyone cute or cool to be there. But sure enough,
there was.

He had short brown hair, the deepest blue eyes imaginable, and
tanned skin. He was athletic, and had big bicepts and a six pack, since
he wasn’t wearing any shirt, just his jeans and running shoes.
He had the perfect smile, and everytime he’d glance over at me,
I’d melt into what seemed a cazillion pieces.

Finally he came over to me, and introduced himself as Brett.
I loved and still love that name. I told him my name, and than he told me
his age (17) and said I was pretty. I told him I thought he was good-looking,
told him my age, gave him my phone number and told him to call me sometime.
He smiled the biggest smile you’d ever seen!

He was in the park because he said he had to bring his younger sister
and brother to the park.

Anyway, I brought my sister home. Brett called later on in the evening,
and said for me to go to his house tomorrow night. Monday night.
I couldn’t wait! Since my parents didn’t even meet him, and he was
a year older, I just said I was going out for pizza and a movie after school.
My parents asked about my homework, and I said I’d do it in the morning.
They agreed after a lot of begging and bribing, and soon I found myself wrapped
up in Monday’s classes.

I didn’t see Brett, though he said he went to this very school.

I went to my table for lunch, all alone with just my friend Jen,
and than while I was talking to her, she looked somewhere else.
I turned to see Brett.

“All my friends are going out for lunch, and I forgot my money, so I was wondering
if I could sit here, since I know you,” Brett asked.

“Sure!” Jennifer cried excitedly, and than whispered fiercely,
“How did you meet him?”
I whispered back, “In the park.” She nodded her head.

We talked all during lunch, and I even was late for my English class.
My teacher was furious.

Anyway, two-thirty finally rolled around. I took a ride home with Brett
in his Dads’ Explorer.

We stopped at a huge house on Merrespen Avenue, and he carried me into the house.

“What about your parents?” I asked worriedly, hopping out of his arms.
“They aren’t home.”
I soon became horny and soaking. This meant a little more than a study
date, I told myself.

We walked into the house, he gave me a tour, and when we got to his
bedroom I started to kiss him. He slipped his tongue in my mouth, and we did a little
groping. He was unzipping my shirt when his mom came home early for work. I zipped
my shirt back up and stood up off his bed.

This didn’t stop us. I got out his window, and luckely there was a latter I could
take to descend. It was July, and Brett explained that they were
repairing the roof. So, without my backpack, I strudded off. Brett said
he’d meet me in the park as soon as possible.

So, I walked towards the park in broad daylight. I waited at the middle, because no one was there
during the day, and no one could see us.

I soon found him coming my way. He immedietly started kissing me
passionately, and unzipped my shirt. I took it off, and he started
to suck my 34B breasts through my red laced bra. He seemed to like red,
because I saw his slide go up in the air. I unzipped his jeans,
and he took them off. I got off of him, and took my own jeans off.
I pulled his shirt over his head, and we stood there in our undergarments.
I ripped his boxers off to reveal a 7″ hard core cock. He took off my bra and began to suck on my hard nipples.
I moaned.

I took off my panties and held his dick in my hand. I gave him a bj, and soon when he was hard again, he sat on me, took
the rubber from his pocket and put it on, and than entered me. At first it hurt a little, but the pain
was pleasant and I took in wantingly. He went slowly at first, and than fast. I managed his back while he sucked my tits.

He came, than I came a couple of times, and we just layed next to each other. It was great.
Now we’re dating together and think when we grow up, we’ll defenitely get married. As for my old boyfriend I was dating when I met Brett,
well, I dumped him because he went to another school.

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