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Where it happened: In a tent in the woods
Langauge: English
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I had recently run into my best friend’s ex-girlfriend from a few years back. Suzanne, a stunning old mulatto girl from the Bahamas. Love at first site was penned for this beauty – everyone who met her wanted to ravage her.

She was living with someone at this time. Over the span of two months the three of us became good friends, and it became obvious that an attraction between the girl and myself was brewing.

To save money, they decided to put up a tent and live in the nearby woods for a few months. This became a home away from home for me, because I lived only a block away.

One sunny summer day, I paid Suzanne an unexpected visit while her boyfriend was at work. We began to talk and the topic of conversation was about our previous sexual encounters. I had only gave and received oral sex at this early stage in my life, which Suzanne found very amusing. She took it upon herself, at this very time, to become my sex teacher. In less then three s she moved to the inflatable mattress and began to remove her beige pants. I was stunned, elated, and in awe of what my eyes beheld.

She motioned me to come over and just as quick as I did, she had spread her muscular legs to reveal moist and eager pussy. She guided me in and I lost myself in one minute of unforgetable extasy. I state one minute for this is how long I lasted; it may have been short but the memory is still vivid twenty yeras later.

Every time I see a tent I chuckle to myself, look to the skies, and that the Lord for the preview of what is to come in the afterlife.

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