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Perfect Body!!!

Where it happened: his bed
Langauge: English
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

My new boyfriend is like soooo hot. From the minute I met him I knew I was going to have sex with him. He’s a big time athlete with a perfect body. He works out with weights and it shows, Not those stupid huge muscles you see in the magazines, he’s just right. And I love his brown hair that’s highlighted with long spikey blond streaks. And he always shows off his smooth hard bare chest. I love rubbing my hands on it and he loves it when I do. So that’s how it started out when I was at his house. His older brother was home but he was drinking and didn’t notice when we sneaked into Ronnie’s room, not that he would care anyway. Ronnie quickly showed me that his chest wasn’t the only good looking body part he had. That sexy old had almost 8 inches of mushroom tipped manhood and it was ready for action. All I had to do was strip naked which I did. Ronnie took it from there and fucked me slow and hard. All the time with his great chest rubbing on my hard nipples. We both came so hard and there was so much cum dripping out of me when he pulled out. I’ll never forget my first fuck with Ronnie, and we both love doing it whenever we can.

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