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Where it happened: Melbourne
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

Here is the full deal of what happened, its rather hard
trying to tell a story with your boss over your shoulder.
I had a most disturbing youth, I was never one to get along
with my peers at school, and was often consider a nerd by
the jocks, a retard by the nerds. So yeah.. As you can
imagine when it was time for the HSC I was happy to ditch
the trials in order to have a little adventure. This
adventure came about meeting this girl who I had always
admired off the internet. I rang her once, and she was very
nice to me. She sounded very interested in what I had to
say, and as you can probably imagine this was a rare thing
for me. After meeting some real raver freaks, I was
dishearted with melbourne as a whole. I decided to ring
this girl and see what she was doing, and as it turned out
she was home. I had the hots for this girl, so it was kinda
hard getting the courage to meet her. We went out for the
night drinking. I got to go into to pubs that I wouldn’t
for another year. The girl I knew had connection with the
bouncers, so basically while I was with her I was safe.
She tried to set me up with this other chick that night, but
it didn’t quite work out. I kind of fessed up and told her
I had the hots for her, and she said “Shutup and kiss me”.
This was not really all that surprising, because I knew she
was keen. Later we starting fooling around on her balcony.
A cane sofa which was just large enuf to seat two, the whole
balcony rather large decorated with plants and assortments.
she was kissing me.. rubbing her tounge along my lips, and
she was breating heavy. The dim streat light carried onto
the sofa I could see her hot body in lacey black underwear.
I could feel her hot breath blowing back on my face. She was
grabbing my dick through my pants, it was rathr uncomphortable.
She releived me by tearing them open. She started to stroke it,
I got so carried away.. I had never fooled around with a girl let
alone a woman, so as you can imagine I was overwealmed by the
sensation when she started to frollic around my nob with her tounge.
I couldn’t take it, it was driving me wild. The sensation built to
a level where I was errect and ready, but the aolchol dimmed my immature
senses. She lifted off my shirt and begind to play with my
nipples and kiss my chest. I was sure how to react, this
was after all my first time. I began to rub her through
her panties.. I just ran my hand along the length of her
pussy. I didn’t know much about women, but her moans told
me what she liked. I slowly worked a huge wet pactch in the middle.
Around now she was biting my ear lob and upper neck.. The back of my
neck prickled with excitement. I grabbed her undies and slid them
down past her skinny knees, she flicked them off her toe into the corner.
She stradled across the sofa and on top. I felt her slowly
slide her way right down to the hilt and moan, for awhile she
wildy kissed me, somtimes getting my nose and working her way down
to my mouth. Her blond hair flopped across my face, it smelt
somewhere in between purfume, soap, and slight perpersration.
She started to slide up and down, getting excited. I was
worried somebody might see us, I really wanted to go inside.
I was worried my mouth would taste gross after all the beer I had.
There were people across the road, but I didn’t think they
knew what was going on. She got faster, and my hips were
flicking forward making an audable clapping noise. Her head
flicked wildly next to mine, and she was bitting the upper
area of my neck. At first, I thought this woman is psyco.
I wasn’t about to stop, I was grabbing her around the waist
and slamming her back on me as hard as I could. When I blew
inside her she laughed and said I was better than most of
the older guys she had done. I was sweating from head to toe,
and for awhile we still fooled around. We kissed and made
our way inside to the bed. That was my first time having sex,
but more importantly it was my first time in love. When I
came home I stood several sessions of cross questions from
both family and school. I’ve had the occasional thing
in between now and then but wonder if I will ever find
anything that will equate. My girlfriends since have been
snotty selfcentered bitches, and a waste of my time. I kind
of wonder if I could go back now, its far away. Im also
at University now. I wonder if shes married, if she has kids
what she looks like. I dont think I can go back.

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