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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: my mom's living room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My mom was in her early thirties , she was extremely pretty with long golden hair and blue eyes , she has a great complexion, she was divorced and we both lived togother in a trailer home, mom worked as a telephone operator,she ever dated but one day she brought a handsome man with her and introduced him to me as Jeff,he was masculin,tall and had many things to talk about,seemed very knowledgable. Jeff started coming to visit us very often and sometimed stay till late,him and mom used to go into her bedroom talk with the door open,and suddenly they started closing the door .Mom told me to go to my room and sleep,I walked at the tips of my toes and listened they were talking and mom was saying not yet, the next day I made a lttle hole at the side of the bedroom door, Jeff came as usual and after a while mom told me to go to sleep and jeff and mom went to the bedroom I heard the door closes and after a little while I walked at the tips of my toes as usual and peeped through the little hole ,I felt some thing warm flows in my veins ,mom is sitting naked at the edge of the bed, her roud tits are just beautiful, Jeff is standing infront of her , facing the draped window his hands are gently squeezing her tits, and for my greatest experience mom is having his dick in her mouth ,it was my first time ever seeing a dick, so huge I was wondering how did it fit inside mom’s mouth. Jeff pulled his dick out so big and hard laid my mom on her back wnd put her legs around his waist and with one push he burried his huge monster inside mom’s pussey.I felt mu pussey dripping its juice moms screamed with pain and passion she started having her head up and down the bed while Jeff is stroking her eager pussey with his harmonic strokes, then suddenly jeff started going faster and mom started screaming louder and he pulled his large dicke and started spraying mom’s belly with milky jell, I ran back to my room and felt my pussey iy was very slippery, I started imagining the size of a dick that can fit inside my tight lips, certainly not anything like Jeff’s .about awek later mom called from work and said she’ll be late and asked me not to go any where , she also said if Jeff comes by let him stay till i get home. Sure enough jeff came and i let him in he started talking about schools and offered to help me with my work,he came closer to me and I could see the swelling in his pants, i felt very wet between my legs , Jeff unzipped his pants and took his dick out I can see it now I wanted to hold it but I felt a little shy I started imagining this enormous weapon in and out of my mother’s pussey ,she is quite a woman to be able to handle all that, Jeff took my hand and put it around his dick Ifelt the wormth and the softness of the first dick I touched, Jeff kissed me and promised to make me very happy if i don’t tell mom, I asid i won’t tell her, he unzipped my shorts and slid them down my knees, first took my tits in his mouth, mine are not as big as moms but they sure feel great with jeff sucking on them, then he slid his finger under my panties and felt the juice inside my pussey, he said you’re raedy babe , he took his dick and started stroking up and down the ;ips of my hot pussey , he kept pushing a little then go back to rubbing I was soaring in the sky then I felt a sharp pain , so sharp that I gasped with fear I cried loud and begged him to stop I felt all his flesh inside my tight pussey then the pain started easing and I started feeling a little good, then he suddenly pulled it out and it popped like a bottle of champaign , I ran to the bath room feeling as if there is some thing between my legs the urine was burning so much that I started jumoing in the bathroom and tearing my hair.there was a lot of blood I took a shower and went to my bed room . I felt the inside of my pussey it wasn’t the same my finger kept going straight uop , but it felt painful, we did it few times after that and yesterday a month later I had my first orgasm, with Jeff’s huge dick inside my not any more tight pussey.

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