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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: College
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I worked as a lab assistant in the public computer lab at a Michigan university, when Sue and I had sex for the first time.. She came in asking for help and we worked on her computer program for nearly an hour. As we worked, she was questioned me about what other TV shows I liked, what kind of music I listened to, if I had a girlfriend, etc. I told her I didn%92t. She suggested we go out to dinner. We ended up at local diner an hour later. We talked until they closed. discussing everything– school, religion, politics, her career goals, my music, everything.

A month after we had started going out, I found her waiting outside the lab when I was leaving.She grabbed my hand and asked me to come with her. We walked across campus to her apartment building.

Sue led me to the stairs, down two flights, and then down the hall to her room, then unlocked the door and ushered me in. The room was dark, except for one small lamp on her desk. I felt her hands on my shoulders as she slowly turned me around, Gently I bent my head down and touched my lips to hers. Her mouth was soft and sweet. It was only a few seconds before she opened her mouth and slid the tip of her tongue in. I was shaking from being so nervous, but Sue’s gentle French kiss seemed to calm me some I slid my tongue into her mouth and she moaned from the pleasure. She exerted a little pressure on me and I went back onto her bed. She kicked off her shoes and knelt beside me, then positioned herself so she was straddling me, her crotch rubbing firmly against mine. This seemed unusually agressive for Sue, but I wasn’t going to argue with her.

She took my hands and began to kiss them. She ran my fingers over her face and neck, then on down to her bust. I wasn’t sure how far she wanted me to go, so I began to rub the sides of her breasts through the fabric of her shirt and bra. She arched her back a little, seeming to enjoy my caresses. I took a chance and began to unbutton her blouse, my fingers trembling intensly. She grabbed my hands and pushed them down to my chest. I figured that I had gone too far, but then she continued to unbutton her blouse for me. When she finished, she pulled the rest of the blouse out of her pants and then pulled the top off altogether. She was wearing a frosted white-lace bra, which pleasantly exposed the upper parts of her breasts. I gently reached up with my hand and began to trace a line from her cheek, down her chin and her neck, then down her bra strap, over the egde of her bra cup, and finally to the point where her cups met. I then slowly spread my hand out over her left breast and began to massage it softly through the lacy white cloth of her underwear. She moaned softly as I began to stroke her nipple to erection. Then I began to cup her other breast with my other hand.

Sue sat up, rubbing her crotch harder against my erection,which was now firm in my pants. My hands were stretched out over both of her breasts. I tried lifting up on the bottom of her bra, in an attempt to pull it up. She reached around behind her back and unhooked it for me, then let it fall away in my hands. I dropped the bra somewhere on the floor as I looked at her full, soft breasts. Creamy white, unblemished, and firm, with perfect erect nipples. All thoughts about her not taking me seriously were dispelled when I realized that I was doing this to her. I was causing her to be excited.

Sue bent over a little, her beautiful breasts wavering only inches from my mouth. I instinctively licked my lips, then placed my mouth softly over her right nipple. My lover gasped lightly as I took it into my mouth. She placed her hand on the back of my head, holding my mouth against her bosom. Meanwhile, she continued to rub her crotch against the bulge in my pants.

My right hand moved slowly from her other breast toward her pants. I moved it gently over the soft bulge between her legs. I pressed a little harder, which solicited a gasp from Sue’s mouth, then I pulled my hand back and slid it into her pants, but over the silky softness of her panties. I could feel the soft hairs of her mound underneath, begging to be touched, and the heavy wetness of her excitement. I stroked her for many minutes, at the same time switching my mouth back and forth between her breasts. Finally, I pulled my hand back and slid it into her underwear. Her mound of silky hairs was slippery wet against my fingers. I wanted to go further, but I had probably taken it too far already.

She said she wanted more so I began to caress the outline of her lips, stroking the outside of her labia until they blossomed. I worked my fingers slowly back and forth into her vagina, each time penetrating deeper. She began to lightly grind herself against my hand and body. She asked me to take off her pants.

I pulled my hand away from her mound as she arched her back, allowing me to undo her pants. She lay facing me, naked and smiling. I smiled back and leaned over to kiss her softly. I moved slowly and nuzzled her breasts for a while before continuing my downward journey. As I got closer to her mound, she began to feel hot and prickly. My mouth slipped past her navel and began to kiss the top part of her soft, brown pubic triangle. She spread her legs slowly as my mouth moved down over her wet mound of Venus. The tip of my tongue slid down partway into the cleft of her labia. She shuddered as it darted around her clitoris. I wrapped my arms under and then over her thighs, which helped her hold her legs apart. I slid my tongue down all the way to her inner labia, then gently into her vagina. My lips came to press fully against her genitals, my tongue at least two inches inside of her. I didn’t make any sudden or deliberate movements; nothing to disturb the gentleness with which I was giving her pleasure.

“Oh, oh, please…” she cried, softly. “Oh, oh, yes…” While she rested I removed my shirt, then lay back and pulled her bare breasts gently against me. She kissed me again and again, and gently stroked my erection through my pants.

She continued kissing and gentle suckling of my nipples, as she unbuttoned my slacks and slid down the zipper.. I lifted my hips and she pulled my pants off. The very noticable bulge in my underwear excited her because she began rubbing my cock for a few minutes before she reached her fingers under the elastic and pulled them off and then tossed them onto our mutual clothes pile.

Sue lay beside me. I began to suck her breast as she wrapped her hand around the length of my penis and started to stroke it back and forth. She pulled her breast away from my mouth as she moved hers down, kissing my chest, then on toward my erection. When she arrived I felt her begin to stroke my testicles with her fingers. Her tongue gently flicked my scrotum just before she planted several kisses on my penis. I watched as she kissed slowly up the underside of the shaft of my organ. Suddenly, but gently she took it into her mouth. I felt such a warmth suround the head of my cock that I almost ejaculated immediately, but I was able to manage a little bit of control. Then she stopped sucking me and wrapped her hand around the base of my penis, squeezing lightly. My head became swollen and this time she took it all the way into her throat.

“Sue?” I asked, my voice rough.


%93Do want to make love with me?”

Her eyes flickered for a second. “Yes…” she whispered and pressed her lips softly against mine.

She turned slightly, still facing me, and pressed her body against me again. I could feel the head of my penis as it slipped down against her mound. Her legs moved apart slowly and my erection moved a little ways into her. Then we looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

“Just a minute,” she said. Her hand reached up onto the night stand and grabbed something before I could see what it was.

We began to kiss again, but this time Sue reached down and started to stroke my penis. I could feel her slipping something cold against the head of my erection. I looked down and found that she was beginning to unroll a condom over it. %93

%93Black%94, she said. I looked at the package which had fallen on the bed. Midnight Desire it said.
She rolled it completely down to the base of my penis, then slid her fingers up to the tip to make sure there was enough space left for my semen to come into.

%93I didn%92t know, otherwise I would have brought . . . .%94

%93It%92s okay%94, she said. I bought this especially for us, for tonight. I wanted to make love with you. I love the color of black, and it looks especially good on your cock%94

She guided it back toward her mound and I lightly pressed it naturally slip into her vagina. Sue spawled herself out as I slid my hands under and over her shoulders to hold more firmly onto her. I slowly pushed myself into her mound, stopping every so often to pull back and then thrust deeper into her again. Soon I was moving slowly but rythmically, back and forth inside of her.

Ohhhh….Ed,” she moaned in my ear, caressing my back with her hands.

“Sue…you’re so wonderful,” I answered back.

Our mouths were locked in a passionate kiss, her tongue darting in and around my mouth. My chest was pressing against her breasts, flattening them against her chest. The only space between our bodies was where I was slowly pulling back to thrust again into her mound with my erect cock. The longer we made love, the closer I got to touching her cervix, I was so incredibly deep inside her. The condom was ultra thin, bless her heart, so I could experience all the pleasures of our intimacy. She continued to roll her hips slowly against me whenever I would thrust into her. Finally, one time, I must have struck her cervix lightly because she gasped in pleasure. She felt another powerful orgasm coming on..Her legs wrapped tightly around me and she began to squeeze my body with them, rolling her hips and buttocks up against me.

“Oh, God!” She cried as quietly as possible. “Ed! Oh please…yes…ohhhh.”

I could feel her vagina begin contracting around my penis. Her tightening body and passionate words made me need to thrust only a few more times.

“Oh, Sue…Sue!” Again, hoarse whispers of passion as I reached my first orgasm of the night. Hot semen gushed from the tip of my cock into the resevoir tip of the condom. I felt pulse after pulse racing through my loins as the liquid left my body.

“Ed… oh, I love you,” she moaned to me.

I continued thrusting as the last few drops of my passion spurted into the condom. I then slowly lay myself against her, where I held her in a long, deep kiss. I don’t remember how long I lay inside her — a couple of minutes, maybe — then I withdrew my penis from her and lay gently at her side. We lay together in each others arms, kissing, and savoring this time after making love. She looked into my eyes and said only a few words, words that still ringin my ears, %93I have more of those Midnight Desire condoms in my nightstand by the bed.

We spent that night together, making it the most wonderful time that we could. I can’t remember how many times we made love together, but each time was as wonderful as the first.

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