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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: In a Park
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My boyfriend and I used to fool around a lot. We had been going out for like two months and we are both really sexually attracted to eachother. We would play with one another, stimulating the other person, but we never really did it until a cold night in July. I always liked it when we played. He would rub my tits, and finger my clit and vagina with his hands down my pants. Sometimes he would do that while we were watching movies and my parents were in the room! That was real exciting for the sheer risk alone. We would lie in bed naked together, and I would tease him under the covers. I’d tickle his balls, flick his tip with my tongue. Sometimes I’d slide my wet vagina up and down his leg. It was stimulating for me, and it was even better to watch him get so hard he couldn’t stand it. I knew he wanted me bad! I’d usually give him a handjob or let him titty-fuck my large breasts. I like watching the cum fly all over my boobs. Sometimes I would even straddle his cock and bounce up and down naked, like I was riding him, but I would never let him in. I know he liked that type of playing. He loves to watch my breasts bounce and shake. One time when we were wrestling he hog tied me with his belt. I thought it was over and he won, but he decided to give himself a little show, so he worked off my blouse and pants. I still don’t know how I feel about that, it was a little wierd being totally submissive with my hands and feet tied behind my back, but it was kinda fun watching him too. He removed my bra and began playing with my 39DDs. He carried me out into the living room and had me kneel on the back of the sofa, facing the bay window that looked onto the buisy street in front of my house. He stood behind me, playing with my tits in the window, letting anyone who happened to look up see me and him playing. He pulled out his hard penis and began rubbing it over my ass, leaving trails of precum as he went. He slid it up and down over my satin panties across my butt until finally he came, hard and hot on my back. I thought it was over and he was going to let me get out of the window, but he had other ideas. He pulled my panties down to my ancles and began to finger me. I was totally naked, kneeling in front of a window for the whole world to see! It started to feel real good. It got kinda erotic to think that all these people might be looking at us lusting after me, but they couldn’t have me. Next he did something he has never done before. He stuck his head between my legs and began to lick my wet vagina. He had never eaten me out before, and I had never had it done before. I moaned and fell forward into the window, my boobs pressed against the glass as my boyfriend eats me out. I moan and moan, and it makes him lick and suck harder and faster. It felt so good, I had no idea. My legs clenched over his face as I orgasmed and screamed into the window.
Thats not even the good part. The next day I was longing for him really badly. He was at work, and I was home alone again, lusting over the prior days events. I decided to get my dildo (he doesn’t know I have it) and I walked over to the couch, and stripped. I wanted the world to see me get off again. I stood on the back of the couch with my legs open a bit and bent my knees so that I was in full view of the window. I shook my shoulders and bounced my tits so that everyone would want me. I tooke the dildo and put it in my mouth and then ran it between my tits, giving everyone a show. Next I opened my legs wide and bent my knees so my vagina was easily accessible. I put the dildo in and swooned. I began pumping and bouncing up and down on the dildo while people watched from their cars. Faster and faster I pumped until my body lurched in orgasm and I sighed. Horns from the street began to blare, and I could tell that at least one person saw me because this car was stopped at a green light. I stood there for a minute, fingering myself, and that car didn’t move. Then I closed the curtains and got dressed.
When my boyfriend got home, I wanted him bad, but my parents were home. We decided to take a walk in the park up the street from my house. It was a cool night in July – so much so that we both needed jackets and long pants. We walked for a while talking about the stars and stuff and he pointed out the moon. I stood there looking at it and he came around behind me and put his hands on my stomach under my shirt. They were cold and sent shivers up my body and my nipples got hard. As he caressed my stomach, he kissed my neck until his hands got warm. He undid the front clasp on my two sizes too small bra, letting my boobs spring out in my shirt and flop into his hands. He squeezed them and teased the nipples, making me a little wet. He took my jacket off and then my shirt, exposing my tits in the middle of this dark, but moonlit park. He put my jacket back on me because it was cold. He dropped his pants and I stood there, letting me look at his erect penis. I grabbed it and pumped and put my tits around it, and flicked it with my tongue. I felt his ass tighten as he throbbed. He stood me up and unzipped my pants, letting them drop to the ground, then he pushed my panties down to my ancles and licked my clit as he fondled my breasts. I spread my legs as much as I could to let him do his work. I told him I wanted him and he stood up. He asked if I was sure and I said yes. So he took his penis and slipped it under my vagina. We were both standing up so he wasn’t letting it inside. He just slid it across my slit, teasing me. I said I had to have him now, so he took off his jacket and lay me on the ground. He flicked my clit with his tip and then put it in me. I moaned like I had the day before. I didn’t know what to do, I just lay there, and he pumped back and forth. It felt so good to finally have him in me. My breath got quicker, and he brought me to orgasm and kept going. Faster and faster he pumped until finally he shot his cum inside me groaning at the feeling. That was a wierd feeling, but I liked it. We sat up and he held me, shaking in his arms until I felt ok. That wasn’t exactly the reaction I expected to having sex. It felt good, but I felt wierd. We’ve done it more sinse then. Perhaps not as glamorous, but it still feels good, and now he uses a condom. What can I say? Sex is fun!

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