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parents friend

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Parents friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

One saturday my parents friends called and asked if we wanted to come over for dinner. I wanted to go over because my parents friend , joe, was into college football and it was the first week for it and they have a pool table and ping pong table. When we got there my parents friends also invited another friend named nancy. So, we went over i watched college ball and played ping pong then sat by the fire with everyone. It was getting late and everyone was a little buzzed so my parents went home and i stayed over that night and watched more football with joe. Nancy also stayed over cause she lived far and didnt want to drive home. So, around 12:00 joe went to bed and i layed down to watch tv on the couch, nancy was in the guest room downstairs. My parents friends were upstairs. Around 1 am Nancy came in wearing her tight pants and sweater. She asked if i had any blankets and i said the only one i knew of i was using. She said se was cold and asked if she could come under the covers to get warm. I thought it was a little weird but i said sure. Nancy was a little chubby but i liked it anyways. She got under the covers and a little bit later put her leg and arm over me and asked if i was horny, i told her yea. She asked to feel my cock and stuck her hands in my pants and grabbed my cock. Then she took off her pants and sweater and we cuddled and started to dry hump each other. Then all of a sudden we heard a gasp and my parents friend sharon was standing in the doorway and said ill be right back. When she came back i was surprised to see her and joe naked. Nany got up and got naked too so i followed. Then joe took nancy and she started sucking his big dick and sharon started sucking mine. Then Nancy sat on my cock and bounced up and down while joe fucked sharon doggy style. When we were both about so cum i cumed in nancys mouth and joe cumed in sharons. Then sharon and nancy made out and swaped our cum.

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