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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Paperroute
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was filling in on my younger brothers paper route while his broken arm healed. I had been on it a few times. The people mostly knew me. One of the treats of the route was a young mother in a trailer behind an auto shop. She was a fox. Every afternoon I hoped she would be home so I could gape at he perfect body. I knew there was no Mister around. And her kid was only about 2. Well. you can probably see this coming. One day She met me at the door and asked me if I knew anybody that did plumbing cheap. I asked her what was wrong. She said her toilet was broken. It was leaking in three or four places and she couldnt afford a plumber. I asked about the landlord. She said he wasn’t in town and she was afraid it would ruin the floor before he got back. I told her I’d finish the route. go get some tools and come back and see if I could do anything for her. Well. It wasn’t all that serious. Just basically cheap mobile home furnishings. I tightened up the tank bolts and put a new wax ring under the bowl. While I was working we chatted, and joked. But when I was almost done reseating the toilet I looked up at her. And almost died. She was sitting up on the sink, in her skirt, with no underware. “What’s the matter, you never seen a girl before?” she asked me. “Never one so gorgeous this close.” It wasn’t a lie. She made my last girlfriend look like a boy. “Your sweet.” I tried to concentrate on the screws in the toilet and forget my buldging pants. “I wonder how I could pay you for this. YOu’re a lifesaver.” I almost couldn’t breath. But I managed to mutter, “I’m sure we could think of something.” She leadned back on the sink and let her legs drift further apart. “I know we can.” I didn’t even wash my hands. I just twisted around on my knees and stuck my mouth over he twat. I ate and ate. She came twice, moaning about how it had been so long. FInally she told me that was enough and told me to wash my hands and meet her in the bedroom. The kid had been squalling for a few minutes. She changed his diaper and came back down the hall. Naked. Her body was fantastic. The first thing she did was suck me off. I came in what seemed like seconds. Then she kept working my prick until it was hard again. Then we fucked in at least three positions that I remember. Before I left she made me promise to come back and fix everything from her garbage disposal to he closet door. She would make sure she tiped me as well as paid me. Needless to say for the next two years I made regular house calls to the lady. And she even gave me some cash once in awile.

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