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Our Night Together

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: his house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I promised myself years ago that I would not have sex until I was in love- real love- the kind of love that makes you want to give your entire life and heart to that person. I met Dave almost 2 years ago. He showed me such sensitivity and compassion, along with a great frienship, that we fell deep in love. We made such excellent partners- needing and wanting and giving together. We longed for the night we could go to sleep and wake up together in each other’s arms.

It finally happened about 6 months ago. I stayed at his house one night when his mother was away. His older sister was there to “babysit” us, but she fell fast alseep and I snuck from my bedroom downstairs to his. We knew it was going to happen- we spent months talking about all the aspects of sex- like emotional consequnces, pregnancy, what parents would do if they found out, etc. That is the only way I ensured that I was completly ready.

Being 3 years older, he had had sex before and was in fact experienced. He later told me though, that having me was much better than anyone else because he loved me so dear and knew that I was his future wife. :0) We stripped down for our first time completly and totally naked in front of each-other and crawled under the covers and held each other close, skin to skin. Since I was a virgin, my boyfriend spent what seemed like hours “preparing me.” I had been fingered before by plenty of guys, but never deep enough to break my hymen or to strech my tender vaginal tissue enough to accomodate a swollen penis. I told him I would rather have him use his fingers to loosen me up before hand and have it hurt a little bit than to have him penetrate all at once, and he agreed. He started with one finger, all the time coaxing me to relax and stroking the rest of my body sweetly. He added a finger, then probed deeper and deeper, trying to slowly strech me out. I must admit this was extremely unpleasant, and it was even worse when he hit my hymen and tore that piece of skin. I knew I was bleeding the whole time because I noticed his hand caked in dried blood, even thought he tried to keep me from seeing before he could wash it off. The sheets and mattress had a small stain too- hopefully not something his mother would notice!

I pulled away many times from the pain, I was so frusterated because I couldn;t easily have sex with the love of my life. I wanted it to be easy, I wanted it to be right. We kept trying and all the time he supported me and never did anything I didn;t want him to. We slept a while, just holding each-other and enjoying our night together. I gave him oral sex, which wasn;t new to us but he said that time was the best he ever had. I got frusterated and dissapointed in myself and it turned me off, so he ate me out to get me horny again. Oh, that toungue!

Finally I decided I couldn;t stand it any longer, and I declared that I was ready to make love to him. He climbed on top of me, and inserted the tip of his engorged penis into my cunt, but he went a few inches and I pulled away in pain. The more we spread my legs, the more painful it was because it streched what felt unnatural to be streched even though it wasn;t. We tried doggystyle, he really wanted to go at it then and he attempted several time to pound me, only suceeding in going a few inches. He told me to hang on while he slowly tried to penetrate, but after several attempts it wasn’t working.

At this point I was in tears not only from the pain but from the emotional pain. I wanted to make love to him so badly and I somehow thought it my fault that it wasn’t working, despite my boyfriend’s comforting words. I climed into his lap and when I put my legs on either side of him we realized that maybe a position similar to that would work. I slid on top of him this time, and sort of sat right down over his penis. Again it went in a few inches, but he urged me to relax. My whole lower abdomen felt so tight, and I knew the more I tensed up the more my vaginal muscles resisted. So I breathed deeply, and told him to go- so with one quick thrust he was in- all the way! I smiled when I realized it had finally happened. I leaned in close to him and kissed his sweet lips and looked loviningly into his eyes. I guess it was all the looseing before hand that made sex not hurt so bad. In fact, the more times we rocked together, the weter I got and the more easily he slid in and out. It felt incredibly wonderful to have the man I loved inside of me. We rocked together in this way for several minutes, maybe even a half hour. It felt so right. Finally we started going faster, he pounded harder and my eyes practically rolled back in my head as he passed over my G-spot, again and again. I titled my pelvis so my clit his the base of his dick and yes, oh jealous ones, I orgasmed the first time. Suddenly I felt his penis tense up, and those hot spurts of cum shot way deep inside me. Almost simulataneously I came, feeling those pulses of energy ripple through my entire body. We fell asleep together close, and only dreamed of our wonderful future together.

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