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One Dark Night

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Alley
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I was on my way home one night standing at the train station at about 9:00pm, when I saw this gorgeous girl coming down the ramp onto the platform. I was 16 and she looked to be in her 20’s, so I just admired her thinking she wouldn’t be interested in me. She had dark brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes and a perfect body, she was wearing; a white lace bra which supported her large perfectly shaped breasts covered by a see through lace singlet and blouse, I could see that her nipples were pressing through slightly, she was also wearing a pair of tight pink pants clearly showing her beautifully shaped legs and a definite g-string, which gave a clear image of her perfectly shaped firm “to die for” ass, and finally white socks in black shoes, a real sight to be seen, not to mention that gorgeous innocent and very attractive face.
To my surprise she came up to me and began talking. I thought she was just being friendly until the train arrived about 5 minutes later and we got on the train, it was relatively quiet and we sat up one end where there were only a few people, she sat very close next to me and put her arm around me, I responded and did the same. She then leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek, I knew this was my chance and moved closer and began kissing her. I was leaning right over her and put my hand on her breast, I then took my hand and put it underneath her blouse and singlet where I could feel her large firm breasts through her thin lace bra. She then noticed my huge erection pressing through my pants, and put her hand on it, she then put her hand down my pants and started jerking my throbbing cock. I put my other hand on her firm ass and caressed it gently, I then took it and unbuttoned the top button of her pants, unzipped them slightly and pushed my hand down her pants and under her lace g-string, I then began to finger her know very hot, wet pussy and I could feel her clit which was getting as hard as my cock. Then she stopped and said this was her station and we should get off, I agreed and took my hands out from where they were, she zipped and buttoned her pants and we got off.
We walked to this secluded alleyway behind some factories next to the station. I got her up against the wall and began kissing her it was the wettest and horniest kiss ever, it made my cock become instantly erect again. I then carefully unbuttoned her blouse and removed it while she took my shirt off. She put her hand down my pants and began jerking my huge throbbing cock. Then I removed her lace singlet and put it in the pile with the blouse, then I unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and pulled them right down, she had already removed he shoes and socks and kicked her pants into the growing pile of our clothes. I began fingering her hot, wet cunt and hard clit. She removed my pants and boxers to reveal my huge throbbing cock. She got down on her knees and ran the tip of my cock over her face and then into her mouth, where she gave me a head-job, this was the second head-job I have ever had and it was the best. I came in her and she swallowed it all, my cock had gone down slightly but not completely when she removed it from her mouth and stood up. We put our arms around each other again and I proceeded to remove her bra, to reveal the most perfect breasts I have ever seen , even in pornos, when I hugged her tighter I could feel her erect nipples against my chest, I had never realised how sensitive my own nipples were until I had her erect nipples and large breasts against them, I found that they to had become erect. I continued by licking her breasts all over until her nipples were even harder. She continued to fondle with my cock as it once again increased in size. I put both hands on her ass and pushed her g-string to the ground.
I layed her on the small patch of grass nearby and started with her breasts, slowly caressing and licking them. Then I moved down to her stomach and began to tease her with my tongue all along her firm stomach and cute belly button, at the same time I put my hand on her cunt where I could feel her wetness with my fingers as I gently caressed across it. I then noticed that she had begun to rub her clit and my chest while jerking my throbbing cock. I then plunged my fingers deep inside her hot, wet pussy. She then began teasing me by rubbing the tip of my throbbing cock which at this point felt like it was going to explode against her hot, wet pussy. She then began to stroke my penis up and down the shaft all the way down to my balls, she started slow at first and then gradually faster and faster. She then took my penis and began licking the tip, after I released a small amount of precum she took my throbbing penis and pressed the tip against her hot, wet vagina and moved it around spreading precum over her vagina, then she gently guided it in as I pushed it in her not tight but firm pussy. It was the most incredible feeling in the world. It was so intense I never wanted it to end. I then began to move slowly in and out as we were gently rocking together. The feeling only got better. I explored her whole body again and again with my hands, her breasts so perfect, not to small, not to big, but large and firm enough to be perfect in any situation, not to mention that perfectly shaped firm ass.
I then wrapped my arms around her back tightly, she did the same, then we sort of wrapped our legs tightly around each other, as I thrust deeper inside her and then held it there, I shot her full of semen. She was out of control moving her hips up and down using the full shaft of my cock right to the balls, we were both breathing deeply. The muscles in her vagina were tightening, like those of an orgasm, even though this was my first time I knew this meant something, and that something must be an orgasm, which I was happy about as my throbbing penis was about to explode. Suddenly I shot her full of semen, which triggered a big orgasm for her. We slowed and rolled on our side as my dick went limp.
We lay their kissing and caressing each other’s body for what seemed ages. We stopped and got up, we dressed each other one article of clothing at a time. She started with my t-shirt, rubbing my chest gently and kissing it, then she put on my boxers, gently licking my penis clean. Then my pants which were put back on with a final kiss of the cock. She finished dressing me by giving me a huge wet kiss. When it came my turn to dress her I was starting to become erect again, and didn’t know where to start so I started with her g-string, I fingered and kissed her pussy as I pulled them into place. Then running my hands up her smoothly shaped, perfectly shaped legs I pulled her tight pink pants up, which I left unbuttoned and unzipped until the end. Then came the hard part, the bra, for starters I couldn’t stop caressing and kissing her breasts, but secondly this bra was a very tight fit so she gave me a hand. I then draped her lace singlet over her. Then the blouse, button by button, caress by caress, then I tucked it in and finally buttoned and zipped those beautiful tight, figure hugging pants that showed her every curve from the waist down. She then leaned over, embraced me and gave me a kiss. While she embraced me she noticed that by penis was once again huge and throbbing. So she got on her knees, pulled down my pants and boxers to my knees and gave be another almighty head-job, I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. She licked my penis clean as it became limp again. I then pulled my pants and boxers up and said good bye.
She pulled a piece of paper and a pen from her bag and gave me her name, address and telephone number, she said to call and we can meet somewhere again. I gave her my details and she walked with me to the train, all the way with arms around each other and my hand caressing her awesome ass. When the train arrived we had a good bye kiss until the last minute when I dived onto the train. This was the first time I ever had sex and it was probably the best time of my life. We know are both in other relationships, but meet every so often when we want a really good time, it is usually awesome as we try to make it somewhere unusual like the Alley, where we often return to.

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