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Omg he entered me

Age when it happend: 48
Where it happened: My parents house where i live
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Well as you can see i am quite old and i had never had sex before. You may think this is weird but it just never happened and i led a very busy life full of achievments and successful career moves. Anyway, i was sitting in the lounge of my parents house one afternoon when i heard a knock on the door, i didn’t know who it could be so i answered it and there was a very handsome young man on the doorstep. He was selling Sky Television and although i wasn’t at all interested i invited him in because he was irresistably gorgeous. I asked him if he would like a coffee but he declined and asked for a hot chocolate instead so i made him one with marshmallows on the side. We got talking about where he was from and what movies and bands he liked and we both knew there was an intense chemistry sparking between us. I made the first move beacause i sensed he was shy and i kissed him deeply and passionately. He started to fondle my breasts and squeeze my nipples, i moaned in pain because he was doing it a bit too hard but he took this moan as pleasure and started nibbling on my red, erect nipples. We went up to my bedroom and i took off all my clothes. I guided his hand to my overgrown bush and he couldnt find my clit in amongst all the thick, wiry pubic hair but he soon got there and when he did it was so amazing. He flicked and rubbed it until i was raw after having 25 orgasms in the space of half an hour. I decided he had earned a big sexual favour so i let him enter me and we banged for the rest of the day. He came once only and i was dissapointed that i did not pleasure him alot but then he told me he was asexual and just wanted to see what sex was like, i said it was ok and we had more sex involving my bedside lamp and my new novel i had recently bought from whitcoulls. all in all it was great until i realised that i had 5 stds and the man wasnt asexual he was an escaped criminal from the prison near the town i lived in. uh oh.

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