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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: at my friends house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

well we knew eachother since elementary days and it waz my friends and his friends over watching a movie. so i got up to got to the bathroom n when i waz coming back out he just out of nowhere kissed me so passionatly and i couldnt do anything but kiss back. well he took my into the room in i started tryin to get out(he wasnt rapping me or anything cuz i knew wat waz about to happen)n calling my friends names but they couldnt get n becuz there boyfriends were stoppin them. well after the games he just started kissing me n kissing me evrywhere n when i say everywhere it waz everywhere. so me so scared my legs started shakin as if i was bout to explode so i just closed my eyes cuz i was very nervous so he asked me if i was ready n i said yes but he didnt have a condom so he asked if he was to go get one would i get up n i said yea. but he went anyway but as i was tryin to get up i was so nervous n i was shaking so bad that i coulnt even move. so when he came back we started kissing again n he started takin my clothes of n since i had on a skirt there wasnt much to take off. so he slowly stared puttin it in n since he waz older then me it was so big n i let a tear drop. he asked if i wanted to stop but i covered my face and said no so he kept goin…we when 4 about an hour n i was hurt so bad but felt good too…so now im older n we still mess with eachother hey thats just love!

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