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Older Women Make Good Lovers

Age when it happend: 35
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I was 35 and had been divorced for a while. One day my friend called and asked if I wanted to meet a woman. I said sure so we arramged for him and his wife to bring her to my place for dinner. I was reaaly shocked when they came in. This woman was short with as perfect body. Blonde hair to her shoulders. Somehow I got the idea she might be a little older than me. After a while she went to the restroom and I got a look at her driver’s license. She was 50. After dinner my friends quickly left lraving me alone with her. We said on the couch and started some light making out. I felt her boobs and they were small but hard as could be. Her entire body was like that. Finally I asked her if she wanted to go to the bedroom. She said yes so we did. We sttod by the bed and undressed each other and climbed under the covers. I felt her pussy and it was wet. Really tight for her age, but then she had never had children. Nothing will screwe up a woman’s pussy like childbirth! I climbed on and stuck it in her. Nothing exciting, just a straight fuck. We fell asleep and about 4 in the morning she woke me up and asked if I wanted to take her home. I tod her I had a better idea and we got after it again. This time was really something. She asked me if I knew what the 69 was and that was my cue. We ate each other for an hour. She climaxed god knows how many time. I held off because I didn’t want it to be over. Finally I couldn’t stand it any more and turned around and put my dick in her pussy. I almost immediately shot off. She didn’t seem to mind bcause she was obviously exhausted. I took her home and we did it again on her bed. After that we were together every night at her house. She would always go to the bathroom at bedtime and come back naked and really smelling good. I figured out she was taking flavored douches. I liked strawberry best.
This went on for six months and I was in love with her. Wanted to marry her. She explained that when I am 60 she will be 75 and an old woman. This put a damper on things and we gradually drifted apart. After a while she called one day and said she was going to marry a man her own age. She allowed that he wasn’t as good a lover as I was. Guess that was supposed to make me feel better.
Point of this story guys is that if you get a chance with an older woman don’t turn it down. That old country song “Older Women Make Good Lovers” is absolutely true. Don’t miss out on this in your life!

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