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Older Woman

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was working as a musician in a local bar.
I had just entered my first year, and had started dating
a few girls in the freshman class-coffee, a few passionate
kisses-noting heavy. This night, Friday, I, underage, was
playing piano in a bar. An older woman who weemed to be a
regular, starting talking to me during breaks.
She was probably, thinking back, about 50+. and drunk.
I had about a half of a coke and whikey, not enough to make
me drunk. At
closing time, since I had hitched a ride to the gig, she
to take me home, after fixing me some coffee at her house. We
went upstairs and she guided me into bed. I was nervous,
excited, scared, and trying to act “manly”, trying to act
as if I knew what I was doing-experienced
The first thing she did was to put my penis in her
and I climaxed instantly. It was, emotionally for me, like a
“wet dream” inside someone. I was too embarrassed to talk and
lay there, and finally fell asleep. The next morning she said
nothing, drove me back to the bar about 11 to get something.
Inside, one of her friends, a waitress, starting gabbing abit.
I saw my “older woman” point to me and hold up one finger to
her friend, signifing that it was my “first time”. More
embarrassment, confusion, etc. I said nothing on the way back
to the dorm. So, my first time was not fun, not fulfilling,
not pleasant, and definitely not sexy.

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