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Older man

Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: his place
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Well i was at work im a hair dresser. and this guy was waiting for his turn and everytime i would sort of bend down to trim side burns on this other guy, the guy waiting would have a perve down my top, i had a big cleavage so i dont blame anyone for looking.
anyways i was finished with this guy, and the guy perving down my top was up next ( by the way i was on my own that day it was a saturday afternoon) so we started talking and he asked me what i would say if he told me i had the best set of boobs hes seen so far, i said thank u, and he was asking questions like if i was single, if i would go out with older men, and he is a very good looking guy. so i went along with the questions answered him honestly. i said im 21, i was single, i wouldnt mind an older guy, depends on the age difference. we started to joke around, by the way i finished cutting his hair. he stuck around i closed the shop up. i started asking him questions like age he said 39, hes seperated, he lived with his friend and hes was about 41. anyway he kept staring at my boobs, i said if u like them so much just touch and have a feel of it, and he had a stiff cock, u can tell coz he had no under wear on under his pants, so i went over sat on his lap and felt his cock rubbing my wet pussy, while he was enjoying rubbing and squeezing my breasts, and i pulle up my top and he started licking and sucking my tits and nipples. i then slowly slid down and he unzipped his pants and his cock flopped straight up and i sucked his already hard cock, i didnt want to stop it felt so hot in my mouth, it was pretty big and long he was push my head all the way down so his cock would hit the back of my throat. then he came in my mouth after sucking for more then 10 minutes. ididnt want to stop sucking, so i swallowed all of his load, then he gave me his address. and invited me over so i went over and took a shower there. and when i got out of the shower he was in the lounge room watching tv, and i went over to him and we started kissing, then he took all my clothes off and he was naked also. and then his friend came home (i completely forgot about his house mate) he was watching us, he couldnt take his eyes off my ass, i realised that he was watching and he was jerking off standing in the doorway, and we kept kissing and i sat on his cock and while he was fucking me his house mate walked over with out saying a word and when i looked over to my left his cock was in my face so i thought im in the mood so ill just give him head and he can fuk off, i was wrong i gave him head and the he got behind me and shoved his cock in my ass, and it hurt like hell, he just kept fucking me hard. i let him keep going becoz i didnt want to stop and cause something stupid to happen, so i was being fucked by 2 older men, 39 and 41 and i was 21. well we got together all the time and we had 3 somes like almost every 2 weeks.
this went on for 1 year. now i have 3 fuck buddies and there all older men, what can i say i love older men. its no bullshit, all true

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