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Older brother’s friend

Where it happened: His car
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I’ve known Paul for about a little more then a year, he’s friends with two of my older brothers. Eventhough he’s s older then me I’ve had a crush on Paul for almost as long as I’ve known him. He’s tall, cute, hot, great body, beautiful brown eyes, cute gotee, and great hair. One day we were at my brother’s house and me and Paul were playing around with eachother all day. Like tickling eachother, and he was carrying me around, and I was even grabbing his ass a few times. And since I didn’t have my own car Paul was going to give me a ride home. When we got into the car he was letting it warm up and I started tickling him again and his hand ended up my shirt and was feeling me up. After talking about keeping this a secret from my brothers and asking me if I was sure I wanted to do this he kissed me. We made out for a little while then we left my brother’s house. As he was driving he was rubbing my neck and kissing me when he came to all the stop signs. We ended up going to this park near my house, as soon as he pulled into the parking lot I mounted him and we started kissing. I took off my shirt and bra and he started rubbing my breasts and sucking on them, I got so wet from this. He wasn’t a virgin but I was, so I was really nervous and wasn’t sure I wanted to have sex with him that night. I was drinking a little and didn’t feel to good, so I told him I’d call him later that week when I was ready. He was kinda pissed but agreed and gave me his number. About four days later I called him and he came to pick me up. We went to another park, and in his car we started kissing, I got on his lap and took my shirt off. After he found out I was a virgin he asked if I was sure I wanted to do this, I agreed. since I really didn’t know what I was doing he kinda instructed me almost the whole time. He undid my pants and told me to sit in my seat and take my pants off, so I did. Then I watched him pull down his pants, exposing his hard, fat, 9″ cock. It was so big. I’ve never seen a penis in real life, I’ve seen a few in movies. I guess I was just waiting to havesex w/rigt guy, someone I really liked, cared about, and trusted. With Paul, I had all that. Anyways, I sat next to him for a few s and waited for him to put on a condom, which he never did. I asked if he had one and he said he didn’t. But we wouldn’t do it that much (so he wouldn’t cum) I wasn’t sure about this, in a way I didn’t want to go through with it. But we were already naked and I knew if I backed out he would of gotten really pissed off at me. So I mounted him and we kissed for a little while. Then he started rubbing his hands on my legs, then kept moving closer and closer to my pussy. Then he had hisfngers rubbing me there. I was really nervous, and shaking but he kept assuring me everything was going to be ok. Then he said “this is going to hurt, ok?” I shock my head, and he started to rip me open so he could shove his dick in. When he said it was gonna hurt I wasn’t exspecting that much pain! It only hurt for a little while, then his finger started going in and out of me. It felt so good, then he started going faster and faster. I was breathing hard and moaning, I could tell that was getting him hot. Then he put two fingers in, it felt so good. I was really wet by the time be stopped, then he layed back and took my hands and put them on his cock and told me to “play with it”. So I gavehim a hand job for awhile. He said to go faster a couple times so I did, he had his eyes closed and was moaning, and breathing hard. Then he lifted me up and started to put it in me, he got the head of it in and looked at me and said “are you ready?” I shoock my head yes, and he rammed almost all 9″ into me, it hurt like hell. After the pain from him ripping me went away I was in pain again. Tears started running down my face and he kissed me, and said he wouldn’t go in any further. So with half of his cock in me he started lifting his ass back and forth. And put his hands on my waists and was instructing me to kinda jump up and down on him. I could feel his cock coming into me further and further. Out of reflex of having something painfully shoved into me there, I kept jumping up away from him. So he very painfully grab my shoulders and pull me down to him. After a few minutes he could see this wasn’t becoming any less painful, so he pulled out of me. I layed there for a while on top of him. He was rubbing my swollen pussy with his hand, it made it feel better. Then he lifted me up so I was sitting on his head and he gave me oral sex. We kissed a little more, then he took me home. I never had sex with Paul again, I really wanted to but he said I was too young for him, that never should of happened, if I8 things would be different, and if we were together it would be too hard to hide from everyone. It’s hard to get over him and put this all behind me, but I have no choice. I see him around sometimes, we never really talk anymore. In a way I regret losing my virginity to him because of the way he acts around and towards me, but I’m glad I lost it to someone who I really like. We’re probably going to hook up when in a year and a half when I’m 18, it’s along time but believe Paul is worth it.

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