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Oiled Bodies

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: his bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I had just moved into a new apartment with my mom and didn’t know anybody. So I went to the pool and two guys were swimming. I laid out in my new thong and both boys stared at me. At first I tried not to make eye contact but one of the boys was a total fox! He had a body that was all that and we checked each other out. Not to be cruel, but his friend wasn’t nearly as good looking but I later found out he was a nice kid and we’re friends now. He won’t mind if I write this. Anyway, the fox made the first move and walked over to me. We introduced ourselves. His name was Paul and he was 16 and his friend was Eric. We went swimming and had a good time and made plans to swim the next day. Next day it was just me and Paul and that’s when it happened. Paul looked so hot and I did too. We went swimming and then rubbed suntan oil all over each other. Paul did me first and he let his fingers wander all over me. He loved rubbing my bare ass and my pussy that was barely covered by the thong. I know he could feel me getting wet. Then I turned over and he did my breasts and tickled my tits when his fingers slipped under my top. He was making me feel so good and I’m glad nobody else was at the pool. When he finished with me he laid on his back and I put the oil on him. I started on his chest which was smooth and hard. His pectoral muscles were well defined and his nipples hardened as I rubbed them. He was really relaxed and smiled at me as I worked on his hot bare chest. I did his shoulders and sides then rubbed the oil on his six pack. The oil made his tan look even darker and his torso was shining in the sun. Then I went down to his feet and worked my way up his legs to his thighs. The bulge in his shorts was obvious from the time he was rubbing me. He spread his legs apart to allow me to stick my hands up the legs of his shorts and I was able to apply some of the slick oil to his rigid cock. By now both of us were ready to lose it and with my hand on his cock, Paul asked if I wanted to go to his apartment. I nodded yes and we were both slick with oil and horny as hell. I wrapped a towel around me and we put on our sandals since the ground was hot and went to his place where no one was at home. He took me to his room and we started kissing. He untied my top and I let it drop then I wiggled out of the thong. He dropped his trunks and we fell naked on his bed. We hugged each other tight and his oiled body felt great against mine. Paul took his cock in his hand and rubbed the tip along the slit of my pussy. I was totally wet and I wanted him in me. His oily dick slid right into my wet pussy and we began to fuck. The combination of oiled skin and his hard dick thrusting me caused me to orgasm violently. Paul was thrilled at the pleasure he was giving me then he had pleasure himself. His cum kept shooting into me and later he told me he hadn’t had sex in three months. He was shocked when I told him that he had taken my virginity. I’m really glad now that we moved here because you can just imagine how Paul and I spend our days when we’re not out in the sun! In fact, he’s on his bed now waiting for me so I’ve got to go!

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