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Now I’m really sore

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: in the woods
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My name is Tami and I am 14 years old. I didn’t reallythink that I would be having sex at my age but alot of my girlfriends have started to do it already. School just got out and I was walking with one of the guys in my neighborhood. His name is Jimmy and he is 17. We have know each other all of our lives and were good friends, but not boyfriend and girlfriend. We hiked up into the woods just for the fun of it and then we were resting under a big oak tree. Some how we started to talk about stuff and sex came up. I think Jimmy knew that I was still a virgin and that I haven’t done anything with a guy yet. I knew that he had been with a couple of girls already and I knew one of the girls he had screwed. We talked some more and then he told me that he had a crush on me for a while and that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I was surprised, but I was so happy too. I thought it would be so cool to have a boyfriend. We sat there and had our first kiss (my first kiss ever!) It was cool and then we started to french kiss. Jimmy was so sweet and gentle. I think for the next hour, we just sat there and kissed and kissed. It was then that Jimmy put his hand on my breast and started to feel it over my shirt. I was scared at first, but it felt pretty good and I didn’t want to be a prude so I let him do it. I liked the way it felt, so I said OK when Jimmy asked if he could put his hand under my tank top. He played with my boobies over just my bra and he rubbed his finger over my nipple and it really felt good. We started to kiss harder and more passionatly. Jimmy tried to lift my tank top off and at first I said to wait and that I was shy. Jimmy said that it was OK and that no one ever came around here and no one would see us. I was a little bit scared but after a few minutes, I let him take it off. It was preety weird to be sitting ther in just my bra. We kissed some more and then I felt Jimmy unhook my bra. I was so nervous, but it also felt so sexy. Jimmy helped me take my bra all the way off and he stared at my breasts. He said that I had nice tits and he touched them and it felt so good. My breast aren’t big, but I guess I had enough for him to play with. It was so sexy when he playued with my nipples and got them really hard. It made me moan when he leaned over and kissed one of them and then he put it in his mouth and gently sucked on it. I never thought that it would feel this good. We laid back under the tree and kissed and Jimmy felt up my breasts. It was getting really hot out and Jimmy took of his shirt. We kept kisssig and then Jimmy’s hand slid down to my stomach and then lower until he was tring to unbutton my cutoffs. I got a little scared again. He undid one button and then he tried to slip his hand down my pants. He got to the top band of my panties and then I got really nervous. I thought that maybe I should tell him to stop, but I was scared. Jimmy slid his hand far enough down that I think he was starting to feel some of my pubic hair down there. He only had his hand there for a minute and thenhe took it out. He asked me if I would pull my pants down for him. I was scared and nervous but I wanted to make him happy. I finally said Ok and let him pull my cutoffs down and all the way off. I had on tight bikini panties and I saw that when he had his hand down there before, he pushed my panties down enough the a couple of my pubic hairs were showing. I was pretty embarassed and I was blushing alot. We kissed some more and them Jimmy slid his hand down the inside of my panties. My panties were skimpy and tight enough that when he put his hand down there, he pushed my panties down too and more of my hair was showing. At my age, I didn’t have alot of pubic hair yet and my panties were sliding down pretty far. Before I could say anything, Jimmy started to pull them off. I wanted to tell him to wait and that I didn’t know if I was ready for this, but it was kind of too late. I felt him pull them past my knees and then down to my ankles and all the way off. I was so embarassed that I was totally naked. I put my hand over my crotch to cover myself. We kissed and Jimmy said how hot my body looked. As we kissed, he felt up my breasts and his other hand slid down and played with my pubic hair. I think Jimmy could tell that I was tembling and scared. He gave me such a soft romantic kiss and said that he wanted to have sex with me. I wanted to also but I told him that I wasn’t on any type of protection. He said that he didn’t have any condoms with him but that he would be careful and not cum in me. I was totally scared but I said Ok if he promised to be careful. Jimmy stood up and took off all his clothes and I saw my first naked guy. It was pretty sacry to think of what we were going to do. We laid next to each other and just kissed for a while and Jimmy felt me up. At first he just played with my breasts but then he slid his hand down over my crotch and played with my pubic hair again. He reached down and stroked my legs and thighs and then slid his hand up the inside of my thigh and got up to my crotch. He slowly slid his hand over my vagina and it made me shake. He kissed down my body and kissed me right in the middle of my pubic hair. He brought my legs up and then opened them apart. I saw looking at my vagina and then I saw how big and hard he was. He kissed my legs and up my thihgs and then he got to my vagina and he getnly kissed it. It made me gasp and shaked even more. I felt him kissing and licking me down there and it felt really good. He finally got on top of me and after we kissed a little, I felt him put his penis against my vagina. He pressed his hips into me and I felt him start to go in. He pressed harder and I felt the sudden pain and could feel my hymen break. It burned and hurt alot. I was so scared but it was happening. Jimmy had his penis inside my vagina and we were having sex. Jimmy kissed me and told me that my pussy was so tight. I hurt alot and I couldn’t help whimpering and crying. Jimmy went slow at first and after a while, it didn’t hurt as much and started to feel good. I started to like the way it felt when he was going back and forth inside me. We kept doing it for a long time and then Jimmy suddenly pulled out and I could feel him shoot his cum all over me. I was gasping and moaning and even after Jimmy pulled his penis out, it still felt like he was in me. We just laid there for a while. I saw that Jimmy had blodd on his penis and when I looked at myself, I had Jimmy’s cum all over my stomach and between my thighs. I was also bleeding and it looked pretty messy down there. Jimmy said that I looked so sexy. I blushed and giggled that he must like how a virgin looked after he got done fucking her. We both laughed and Jimmy took my panties and wiped up the blood and cum from me. Now my panties were a mess and I what was I going to do. We laid under the tree for a while and stayed naked together. It was a weird feeling to know that I didn’t have any clothes on and that if anyone came by, that they would see me naked. We kissed some more and then Jimmy felt me up again. It didn’t take very long before we both wanted to do it again. Jimmy slid himself into me again and we started fucking again. this time it didn’t hurt very much and I liked it alot. Jimmy was a good boy and pulled out before he came in me. Welaid under the tree for most of the afternoon and then we started to get dressed. Jimmy smiled and said that I should leave my bra and panties hanging from a branch in the tree and it would become our spot. I thought he was silly but he took my bra and panties and hung them from a branch. I asked him what I was supposed to do for underwear and he said that it would be sexy if I didn’t wear any. I put on my cutoffs without panties and my tank top without my bra and it felt totally weird. I have never gone without underwear before and it did feel kind of sexy. We started to head for home and Jimmy held my hand the whole time. When we got back to my house, my parents were still at my Grandparents house and wouldn’t be home until late. Jimmy and I went up to my bedroom and before we knew it, we were taking off our clothes and screwing again. Before it got close to my parents coming home, we had fucked three more time and that made it 6 times my first day. Jimmy went home just before my parents got back. I was nervous that my parents would be able to tell that something happened, but they didn’t. When I went to bed, I was was very sore down between my legs, but I was so happy. It was totally weird to think that I wasn’t a virgin anymore and that Jimmy and I had unprotected sex.

The next day Jimmy and I drove up to a lake in the mountains and we fooled around in his car and he finger banged me for the first time. I liked it alot when he played with my clit and got me really hot and turned on. Even though I was really sore from the day before, I let him fuck me several times. It was totally deserted at the lake and he talked me into going skinny dipping with him in the lake. We wanted to try having sex i the water, but it was to slippery, so we did it on the shore. We stayed at the lake until after dark and we sat in his car and made out. Jimmyhad my clothes off and was fingering me alot. He kept playing with my nipples and my clit and he made me cum for the first Time. I never thought it would feel so good to cum. We reated and then he fucked me in the car. Before we left, he had me lay back against the seat and he ate my crotch. He kept saying how nice and tight my pussy was and hearing him say that made it sound so sexy. Just before we put our cloths on again, Jimmy gave me my first hickies. He gave me one right under my right nipple and another one on the inside of my crotch next to my vagina.

It has been almost a week since I lost my virginity and Jimmy and I have fucked every day. I have counted about 5 or 6 times a day and once we did it 10 times in one day. I am sore down there all the time, but it’s worth it! Jimmy and I are boyfriend and girlfriend now and I love it. I can’t wait until the next time we fuck and I can’t wait to feel him inside me. In my diary at home I have a red cherry drawn in on June 6, 1998, the day I lost my cherry!


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