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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

A friend of mine…. umm a classmate, shes kinna weird to me, coz shes very nice. All i want she gives and ummmm yes she likes me, most of my friends know that. But.. i dont like her.

One hot noontime, me and my two other classmates went to her house together with her and which i borrowed notes from her for our midterm exams. We went there and no one is at home, her parents were not there, so we decided to buy some food, i gave money for lunch and my two classmates went out to buy lunch. Then it happened.

I was soooo lonely that time, and I dont like to talk to her that much, all reason I was there was to get some notes from her. I was in the couch watching TV when she went to her room, turned on the air-conditioning system and got the notes there. She approached me. and asked,

“are you sleepy”

“I am not, thou im tired. I will sit here if you dont mind” I said.

But the thing is, after several minutes, she begged me that I will take a rest while waiting for my classmates. She begged grabbed my arms and pulled me to her room.

Then motions happened, It turned out, everything is already set up, the bed is nicely arranged. and when I sat at her bed, looking around her bedroom, she asked me if I would like to sleep, then I pulled out my shoes and I lay down the bed. minutes passedby, I was thinking what was I doing here. I dont like this girl and I have nothing, nothing to offer her. Then she lay down beside me.

“Nice room you got her”
I said
“Yes, and im so happy you’re here”
She said.

Seems like a bad spirit coming out of nowhere entered the whole of my body. I pulled her and kissed her. she kissed back with toungues out. In out of my lips. then i turned to her. she opened my pants and pulled out my penis. My God, what I am doing. I was thinking. All I can do is to kiss her, I dont mind her holding and rubbing my penis. After a little while I got up, then she said.

she said.

I grabbed the button of her skirt and looked at her.

she said.

Now it happened. In out,in out doing the best I could. Lucky of me, I was able to witdraw it. And I yell to her “Get it out!”, then it did…

if you’re reading this , I would like to say, Im sorry and thanks for that very first time….

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